Prevalence of Duane Retraction Syndrome in Sohag University Hospital

Introduction: Duane retraction syndrome is a congenital complex strabismus. It was first described in 1887. It presents mainly with limitation of ocular movement, with globe retraction. It may be associated with over shooting of the eye. DRS is one of congenital cranial dysinnervation disorders (CCDD), which are congenital, nonprogressive, sporadic, or familial developmental anomalies of the cranial nerves characterized by abnormal eye, eyelid, and/or facial movements.It has been hypothesized that there is a maldevelopment which may occur due to any insult to the development of the sixth nerve nucleus and/or nerve at 4–8 weeks of pregnancy has been demonstrated to play a causal role in the emergence of this disease process.Aim of the work: to study the prevalence of Duane retraction sundrome (DRS) among cases of strabismus in Sohag university hospitalPatients and Methods: A prospective non-randomized interventional clinical study done in Sohag university hospital. All patients presented with Duane syndrome in strabismus clinic in Sohag university hospital were included.Results: 35 patients had DRS out of 960 strabismus patients, type I was the commonest. DRS is more common in females.