Countermeasures for Improving Online Teaching Effect in Chinese Colleges and Universities during the Epidemic Period

During the epidemic period, colleges and universities in China have launched online teaching practices. Online teaching can break through geographical restrictions, with flexible class times and locations, and students can watch it repeatedly after class, which is an important advantage compared with traditional classroom teaching. However, in teaching practice, the teaching effect of online teaching is not very good. Through literature research and interviews with teachers and students, it is found that the inconsistent and imperfect functions of online teaching platforms, the poor autonomy and self-discipline of students’ online learning, and the low online teaching ability of teachers are important factors that affect the effect of online teaching. Based on this, corresponding countermeasures from the perspectives of colleges, students and teachers are proposed to help the development of online teaching in the future and improve the effect of online teaching: First, to strengthen the support of colleges and universities for teaching platforms and course resources, and accelerate the construction of a stable and efficient unified online teaching platform. The second is to strengthen the guidance of students to enhance their autonomy and self-discipline in online learning. The third is to improve teachers’ online teaching level and information technology literacy to ensure the quality of online teaching.