Somatotype and Anthropometric characteristics of Indian Female Rowers

Introduction: Eighteen national-level Indian Female Rowers were studied for their somatotype and anthropometric characteristics as performance in Rowing as performance level in rowing depends on physical and anthropometrical characteristics besides other factors including skill. Material and Methods: Height and weight were measured according to the methods standardized by The International Society for The Advancement of Kinanthropometry (ISAK). Somatotype was calculated using Heath-Carter (1967) method. Results: Average height and weight of the Indian national-level Female Rowers were 167.8 ±4.1 (160.7-174.0) cm and 59.5±6.5 (47.7-69.3) kg respectively. The average Somatotype of the Indian National level female Rowers was 5.4 (±1.0)-3.2(±0.8)-1.6(±0.9) with a range between 3.8-1.8-1.6 and 6.9-4.6-4.9. Conclusion: Average Mesomorphic Endomorh body type with less muscularity on average was observed for the Indian national Female Rowers. Poor muscularity and less height might be one reason besides other factors a reason for poor performance of Indian Female Rowers in Olympic and other International competitions.

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