Evaluation of Presentation Skills in the Context of Online Learning: A Literature Review

Presentation skills are considered as important skills in the workplace, in which the ability to give impressive presentations is needed. Therefore, it is necessary to evaluate how the presentations are performed in order to develop and improve presentation skills. This article aims to determine what evaluations can be used to evaluate student presentations in the online context learning. This research was conducted using a Systematic Literature Review (SLR) and a mapping approach, a process of identifying, categorizing, analyzing, evaluating, and interpreting articles that have been indexed in a well-known databases within a timeframe of 2012-2022. The literature review in this study was reviewed based on the Scopus databases as the primary source. The results indicate that teacher evaluation, peer evaluation, self assessment, team assessment, and formative tests can be used effectively for evaluating online presentations using video, live online meetings, online platforms, social media, and game-based applications. The findings are expected to be useful in developing students’ oral presentation skills and transferable skills. In light of these findings, this article also offers a number of implications and recommendations for further research.