Three-Dimensional Printable Flexible Piezoelectric Composites with Energy Harvesting Features

The purpose of this work was to obtain an elastic composite material from polymer powders (polyurethane and polypropylene) with the addition of BaTiO3 until 35% with tailored dielectric and piezoelectric features. The filament extruded from the composite material was very elastic but had good features to be used for 3D printing applications. It was technically demonstrated that the 3D thermal deposition of composite filament with 35% BaTiO3 was a convenient process for achieving tailored architectures to be used as devices with functionality as piezoelectric sensors. Finally, the functionality of such 3D printable flexible piezoelectric devices with energy harvesting features was demonstrated, which can be used in various biomedical devices (as wearable electronics or intelligent prosthesis), generating enough energy to make such devices completely autonomous only by exploiting body movements at variable low frequencies.
Funding Information
  • Technical Univ. Iasi

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