Significant Caries (SiC) Index and Distribution of Regional Origins for Members of Formed Police Unit (FPU) XI

Indonesia's geographical conditions are very diverse. Oral disease which is the most common global health problem is caries. An indicator of caries experience which includes decay, missing, filled criteria is DMF, the easiest and most frequently used method for epidemiological surveys of dental caries. To identify the subset of the population with high and very high DMF-T scores and to find individuals who are still susceptible to caries, the Significant Caries (SiC) index is used as a complement to the average DMF-T value. This study aims to determine the description of the Significant Caries (SiC) index and the distribution of regional origins of members of the Formed Police Unit (FPU) in LKOK Pusdokkes Polri Jakarta by the year 2020. This research is descriptive study with a total sampling method of selecting samples. A The DMF-T score was 1157 with a mean DMF-T of 6.4 (high criteria), and SiC index of 11.4 (very high criteria). Respondents from the Western Region of Indonesia had a DMF-T score of 465 and SiC index of 11.34 (very high criteria). The DMF-T score for respondents from Central Region of Indonesia was 155 and SiC index 11.9 (very high criteria). Respondents from Eastern Region of Indonesia had DMF-T score of 76 and SiC index 10.85 with (very high criteria). It can be concluded that respondents have DMF-T scores in the high criteria and SiC index with very high criteria. Based on the regions of origin of the respondents, SiC score index in all three regions are of origin is included in the very high criteria with respondents from the Central Region of Indonesia having the highest SiC index compared to the other 2 regions. Keywords: Significant Caries (SiC) Index, Regions of Origin of FPU XI Member