Consumer preference and influencing factors for participating in “forest cloud tourism” in the post-epidemic era

Affected by COVID-19, “cloud tourism” has become a new way of forest tourism. Based on the survey data of 778 Internet respondents, frequency analysis and binomial Logistic regression model were used to analyze the preference and influencing factors of respondents’ participation in forest cloud tourism. The results show that the respondents prefer to relax in terms of travel motivation; In terms of tourism content, they prefer forest sightseeing activities. In terms of the mode of tourism video playback, they prefer short video or live broadcast; Preferred social media and short video software in terms of platform selection; In terms of playing time, they prefer the videos of 21–40 minutes; Prefer natural sounds or soft music in the background. Variables such as gender, age, education level, occupation, income level, travel restriction and travel experience are the main factors influencing consumers’ choice of forest cloud tourism activities. Therefore, it is suggested that the content of forest cloud tourism should be relaxing, the video playing time should be 21–40 minutes, and step charging mode should be adopted.