The Formation оf Regional Identity Involves а Variety оf Different Power Relations

Currently, Sedati Regency's coastal region has undergone an identity shift. The region, which was once renowned as a representation of seaside culture, has been changed into a new official residential community. the beginning of new operations in 2018, such as the massive construction of formal settlement sites. In an effort to establish a new identity, each of these operations maintained control over coastal regions. By employing power relations analysis approaches, such as archeology and genealogy, to uncover local behavior, which in turn can establish regional identity, qualitative research techniques and data analysis can be used. According to Focault's analysis, the identity of the coastal region is changing, and the local Javanese and Madurese cultures are having an impact on the power dynamics in informal dwellings. Meanwhile, because the majority of inhabitants are diverse immigrants, power dynamics in formal housing are shaped by urban culture.

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