Comparative evaluation of pain perception in pediatric patients during administration of local anesthesia with and without three preanesthetic procedure-Buzzy system, topical anesthesia and precooling agent

Background: Pain management in paediatric dental care is a critical aspect of anxiety, which is frequently related to the induction of pain and exacerbates pain perception local anaesthetics are used to relieve and prevent pain. However, the administration of these drugs causes fear and anxiety in patients. As a result, there is an urgent need to develop methods for reducing pain during injection. Aim and objectives were to evaluate and compare the pain perception in pediatric patients by comparing different local anesthesia delivery system before local anesthesia (preanesthetic procedure) using Buzzy system, topical anesthesia and precooling agent with conventional technique. Methods: A total of 140 children aged between 8-13 years visiting department taken for study. Patients indicated for invasive procedure and requiring administration of LA taken for study. The blood pressure, oxygen saturation, Wong Baker pain rating scale and FLACC scale was recorded in patients before and after administration of LA. Groups are, group A conventional syringe technique without any preanesthetic procedure. Group B: Buzzy system group C: Topical anesthetic gel (Progel B-20% benzocaine), group D: Precooling agent (flouron-1,1,1,2 tetraflouroethane). Obtained data statistically analysed by using one way ANOVA and paired t test in SPSS software 21.0. Results: Statistically significant results were obtained in intergroup comparison where group B buzzy system found to be effective compared to another group. In intra group, comparison, there was statistically significant in all 4 groups. Conclusions: Buzzy system can be used as a preanesthetic medication to decrease the pain perception in children during administration of local anesthetic.