A Comprehensive Review on Antioxidant-Rich Natural Fruit and Vegetable Products and Human Health

Antioxidants are important ingredients that are present in fruits and vegetables (FAV). With increased consumption of FAV in its raw and processed form, a predominantly plant-based diet rich in FAV could reduce the risk of the development of chronic human diseases. This review highlights the potentials of the various types of antioxidants containing FAV; their impact on human health as nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, and phytoceuticals; as well as prospects in tackling some chronic human diseases. The structures and activity relationship of the antioxidant compounds, as well as their mechanism of action, are examined from current scientific investigations. Information provided herein will give more insight into the roles of antioxidant ingredients present in FAV. Keywords - Fruits; vegetables; phytochemicals; antioxidants; human health; diets