The ID NOW COVID-19, a high-speed high-performance assay

The ID NOW COVID-19 assay is a promising tool for the rapid identification of COVID-19 patients. However, its performances were questioned. We evaluate the ID NOW COVID-19 in comparison to a reference RT-PCR using a collection of 48 fresh nasopharyngeal swabs sampled on universal transport media (UTM). Only 2 false negatives of the ID NOW COVID-19 were identified. They display PCR cycle threshold values of 37.5 and 39.2. The positive percent agreement and the negative percent agreement were 94.9% and 100%, respectively. The Kappa value was 0.88. The ID NOW COVID-19 combines high-speed and accurate processing. Using UTM, the ID NOW COVID-19 could be repeated in the case of invalid result. Further analyses, such as screening of genetic variants or genome sequencing, could also be performed with the same sample. As for all tests, the results should be interpreted according to clinical and epidemiological context.

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