The article presents comparative results of experimental-industrial tests (EIT) of the nanodemulsifier "IKHLAS-1" at the facilities of JSC "Ozenmunaigas" of the Republic of Kazakhstan. As a result of local EIT, for the first time, cost-effective nanoecotechnologies were proposed using the “IKHLAS-1” nanodemulsifier with a polynanostructure to improve water preparation at the PWDU-1 (preliminary water discharge unit), as well as for the processing of historical sediments at the OPPSh (Oil Preparation and Pumping Shop) of “Uzen” oil field central production facility. The quality of commersial oil in all EIT carried out was significantly better compared to the base demulsifier "Randem-2201". Keywords: nanodemulsifier "IKHLAS-1" with polynanostructure, "Uzen" oil field, utilization of hard to destroy water-oil emulsions and suspensions, oilfield nanoecotechnologies, primary preparation of oil.

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