Charging plastic bags within the demarketing: measuring the environmental attitude and environmental behaviour in Denizli: a structural equality model

Plastic bags have either been charged or banned in more than 60 countries around the world. Charging for plastic bags as demarketing practice in Turkey is quite new. The aim of this study is to reveal the relationship among attitude toward reducing the use of plastic bags, environmental attitude and environmental behavior within the framework of the law ratified on January 1, 2019. In order to classify consumers, two dimensions of environmental attitude; ecocentric attitude and anthropocentric attitude were used. The structural equation modeling (SEM) was also used to determine the relationships between latent variables and data analyzed based on path analysis on a sample of 406 responses from Denizli, Turkey. According to the findings of this research, there are statistically significant differences between ecocentric attitude and environmental behavior; environmental behavior and attitude toward reducing the use of plastic bags. In addition, the results revealed that in the attitude toward reducing the use of plastic bags, statistically significant differences were found based on gender, marital status and age in terms of individuals aged 30 and over.

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