Internet-based provision of computer resources is known as cloud computing. It is possible to utilise data that is controlled by a third party or some other individual at a distant place through cloud computing. Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are used by the majority of Cloud providers to define the services they provide. As part of the SLA, the service provider promises a certain level of quality of the service. Computing and data clouds are two sorts of clouds in a cloud-based system. In cloud technology, task scheduling is critical to ensuring service quality and SLA. One of the most important aspects of cloud computing is a well-organized work schedule. In this article, we have designed an optimal task scheduling method using RAO approach. The RAO algorithm is simple, required number of parameters, and required no tuning of parameters as compared to the other algorithm. Further, a multi-objective function is designed based on RAO algorithm performs the optimal scheduling. The performance evaluation is done by considering number of tasks such as 50,100,200, 300,400, and 500. Further, number of performance metrics are determined for it. The outcomes represents that the presented technique provides lesser values of AWT, ATT, and make span over the existing method.