Evaluation of neck shaft angle achieved immediately after surgical fixation of intertrochanteric fracture

Background: The angle between femur neck and the long axis of shaft is known as neck shaft angle which plays vital role in stability, control of lateral balance, walking and hip movements. The main goal was to compare the NSA in intertrochanteric fracture of femur immediately after the surgical fixation using either Dynamic Hip Screw or Proximal Femoral Nail. In the elderly among all of the hip fractures approximately half are intertrochanteric fractures and out of which approximately 50% of fractures are unstable.Method: X-ray of pelvis with both hips was taken prior to fixation and after fixation, done either with PFN or DHS and morphometric measurements were taken.Result: The mean neck shaft angle restored after fixation with PFN (131.10±7.24 degree) was almost similar to that of normal side (129.58±5.79degree) whereas it was more with DHS (141.65±9.78 degree).Conclusion: Restoration of Anatomical NSA is more achievable with PFN as compared to NSA.