Potential Contribution of Multi Vertebrae Variation to the Carcass Weight of Balochi and Harnai Sheep Breeds

| The aim of our study was to observe the vertebrae variation and its relation with carcass weight and quantity of Balochi and Harnai sheep breeds of Baluchistan. For this purpose, we have observed Thoracic T and lumber L vertebrae variation by removing carcass from 3 randomly selected male animals of each breed. We have observed seven vertebrae variation in both sheep breeds from T-12 to T-14, L-5 to L-7 and T-11 to T-12, L-4 to L-6 in Balochi and Harnai breed, respectively. The thoracic and lumber vertebrae which possess more number in Balochi sheep as compared with Harnai breed has produced more amount of carcass about 1.56 to 2.01 kg, respectively. It is concluded that due to presence of more number of thoracic and lumber vertebrae number in Balochi breed produced more meat as compared with Harnai breed.