Credit development strategy of China's banking industry to the electric power industry

With the increase of harmful substances and greenhouse gases that need to be discharged from the traditional thermal power in industrial production in China, the phenomenon of climate warming is becoming more and more prominent. Clean energy will continue to increase in China's future energy consumption structure and market share, hydropower, nuclear power, and other energy as China's main clean energy, the future in China still has a huge market development and use of space. The new policies further adopted by the central bank of China include: continuously optimizing the structure of reasonable credit fund allocation and risk fund application for electric power enterprises to enhance the return rate of assets of electric power enterprises; continuously supporting the development of smart grid and strengthening the linkage between network and electric power; reasonably and categorically guiding the source of clean utilization of electric power, actively supporting large hydropower generation and solar and nuclear power generation, and investing funds in a controlled manner to support large thermal power generation, promote the upgrading of the thermal power generation industry structure, cautiously guide funds into large biomass power generation, wind power generation and small and medium-sized micro-hydro power, strictly control small and medium-sized thermal power, as soon as possible to withdraw from the implementation of the national preferential policies for small and medium-sized power industry management system, energy conservation and reduction of harmful emissions of environmental gases of enterprises is not possible to meet the standards and there are financial risks business efficiency situation Small and medium-sized electric power enterprises that continue to seriously deteriorate.