Bosnian Chardaklia House: The Colic Familyʹs House in Vares

The Colic familyʹs house is located at Nikovac Street no. 8 in Vares. Together with several houses on this street and houses in Matijevici and Benici streets, this house contributes to the ambience of this part of Vares where the values of the construction of the indigenous bosnian chardaklia house are still preserved. The house was built in the mid-19th century, within the well-known Vares Colic family, which had its own sawmill for cutting and processing wood. The house belongs to the type of three-tracks bosnian house with one divanhan. From the time of its construction to the present day, several renovations have been made on the house, both in the layout and materialization and in the furnishing of its interior. The house is still in use today, but occasionally.