The Comparison Analysis of Development Length in Accordance with Armenian and Foreign Building Standards

The study of a development length determination according to Armenian and foreign building standards is presented. For analysis implementation different concrete classes (B20, B25, B30) and rebar diameters (25mm, 28mm, 32mm) were chosen. Reinforcement bar class A500C was taken. Two different cases were considered: in one case, the reinforcement is taken in tension, in the other case, in compression. The calculation results were presented graphically using the "Wolfram Mathematica" software package. The results are shown that in the cases of both tension and compression, the value of the anchorage length obtained by Armenian building standards is 23.1% more than by Russian codes received. In the case of tension, the value of the anchorage length obtained by American codes is 16.7-20.8% more than the one obtained by the Armenian building standards.

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