Folwarki trynitarzy łuckich w latach 1799–1832

The possessions of Roman Catholic Church during the 18th and first half of 19th centuries consisted of many elements owned by: parishes, orders, chapters, seminaries and schools, hospitals, economics of diocesan bishops and bishops suffragans. Among the Orders existing in lands taken by Russian Empire in 18th century important role played the Order of the Most Holy Trinity and of the Captives. One of trinitarian monasteries have been located in Lutsk since the first half of 18th century. During this period monastery’s benefices consisted of sums, alms and incomes generated by estates. Between 1729–1842 Trinitarians of Lutsk owned three land estates. The 1st one contained two villages Jarowica and Wyszkowa, the 2nd some part of Boruchowa and the 3rd village Siekierzyca and three parts of Wólka Siekierzycka. Each of folwarks took care of agriculture and animal husbandry. Moreover the trinitarian’s subjects produced yarn. Annual income generated by land estates depended of many factors – natural ones as well as some depending of men’s will. In 1812 trinitarian’s villages have been plundered by the Russian Imperial Army. This event caused impoverishment of trinitarian peasants and financial troubles of the whole Lutsk monastery.