Physical activity and the incidence of hypertensive heart disease in patients at Indonesia Hospital in 2022

Background: Hypertensive Heart Disease (HHD) contributes to the increasing burden of cardiovascular disease worldwide and is associated with an increased risk of death. Globally, the prevalence of HHD increased by 137.91% from 7.82 million in 1990 to 19.60 million in 2019. At the national level, China carries the highest prevalence of HHD, followed by the United States and India. Indonesia is ranked 3rd with the highest number of HHD sufferers in the world after China and India based on the DALY (Disability-Adjusted Life Year) level. Lack of physical activity has long been associated with the incidence of HHD. In Indonesia, 33.5% of the population is included in the low physical activity group. The province with the largest percentage of the population who does not do physical activity is DKI Jakarta, where 47.8% of the population does not do physical activity. Methods: This study used an analytical method with a retrospective cross sectional approach. The populations in this study were all HHD patients at the Cardiology Polyclinic of Pasar Rebo Hospital Jakarta with a total sample of 124 respondents. Results: The results of the univariate analysis in this study showed that as many as 69 respondents (55.6%) had low levels of physical activity, 46 respondents (37.1%) had moderate levels of activity, and 9 respondents (7.3%) had high levels of physical activity. The results of the bivariate analysis in this study using the chi square test showed that there was a relationship between physical activity and the incidence of HHD with p value = 0.000 dengan odd Ratio. Keywords: Hypertensive, Hypertensive Heart Disease, Physical Activity