Study of national early warning score-2 (NEWS-2) Score on admission in COVID-19 positive patients and its association with mortality

Background: While several parameters have emerged as predictors of prognosis of COVID-19, a simple clinical NEWS2 score at baseline might help early risk stratification. Hence the present study was undertaken to assess the usefulness of NEWS-2 score on admission in COVID 19 positive patients and its use in assessing the mortality, also assessed COVID-19 patients based on CURB-65, NEWS-2 score and SIRS and which score among three is better in predicting outcome.Method: A total 155 patients who had SARS-CoV-2 infection were enrolled and screened on the basis of the NEW2 score, SIRS score and CURB 65 score on admission. Routine examination was carried out. RT-PCR/ RAT came to be positive, on admission based on score patient assessed and started on treatment. Patient was followed up till 28 days or discharge or death.Results: On NEWS score, 31.6% cases had medium clinical risk (NEWS2 score 5-6) and 46.5% cases had low clinical risk (NEWS2 score 1-4). On SIRS criteria, majority 87.1% had scores 2 and 12.9% had score > 2. On CURB 65 majority 52.9% had score 0, 8.4% had 1, 28.4% had score 2, 2.6% had 3 and 7.7% had score 4. On final outcome 87.1% were discharged and 12.9% died. On association between NEWS score and mortality rate it was seen those having NEWS score more than 5 i.e., 74 cases, among them majority 20 cases died, (p<0.01). On comparing all 3 scores i.e., NEWS, SIR and CURB 65, it was seen that among those who had raised scores had more mortality rate. Sensitivity for all 3 was 98.5%, 97% and 97.1% respectively.Conclusion: Thus, such scoring system can definitely help in detecting the prognosis of disease which will ultimately help the treating doctor for planning the management of such cases.