Recherche de la musaraigne carrelet (Sorex araneus Linnaeus 1758) dans le département du Rhône (France). Le point sur les Soricides du département

Search for Common Shrew (Sorex araneus Linnaeus 1758), in the Rhône department. Update on the Soricidae of the department. During the 1970s, chromosomal research showed that in France, at low altitudes, Common Shrew Sorex araneus was replaced by Millet’s Shrew Sorex coronatus. In France, Common Shrew is present particularly in cold and/ or wet places : Alps, Pyrenees, Massif Central. The Rhône department is crossed by mountain ranges up to 1000m altitude, belonging to the Massif Central ; therefore in 2013 and 2014 the FRAPNA (Rhône-Alps federation for nature protection) carried out research by trapping, in order to verify the presence or the absence of Common Shrew. The identification of the catches was made by biometric measuring of the skulls, and above all by the study of mitochondrial DNA. 22 samples were analysed, all belonging to Millet’s Shrew, even for specimens trapped at 1000m altitude. We conclude therefore, that Common Shrew is probably absent from the department. For other less well known species, the study gave the opportunity for updating old data, particularly for Miller’s Water Shrew Neomys anomalus and Bicoloured White-toothed Shrew Crocidura leucodon. Finally, 8 among the 11 species of shrew known in the Rhône-Alps region, are present in the Rhône department.