Technical training control of sportsmen’s in ballroom dances.

The results of study of features of sporting activity in ballroom dance are presented in the article. The issues of control of technical training of dance couples are considered. The aim is to analyses the modern state of issue of control of technical training of sportsmen’s in ballroom dance. The group of theoretical and empiric methods was used in the study.Pedagogicalsupervisionsof 24 trainingsessions wereconducted,of which 14 – in Latin American and 10 – in Euro-pean programs in 6 clubs of sporting (ballroom) dances of Lviv, with pairs by age 12–13.A survey of 10 choreographers and 6 judges of the Highest National Category in dance sports showed that high achievements in ballroom dancing at the present stage is impossible without objective control over the physical, technical and functional training of dance couples without physiological mechanisms and patterns of control of motor actions of dancers, which requires the de-velopment of new approaches to the whole educational and training process. The conducted analysis of the dance move in Europe and Ukrainehas shown that a single control system in ballroom dance, which would take into account the evaluation of dance techniques, is just being formed. It was found that the control of technical readiness in the perfor-mance of dances of both Latin American and European programs should take into account a large number of compo-nents: the relative position of body parts, the specifics of weight distribution of the sportsman, tempo-rhythmic charac-teristics of each dance, timeliness, balance. The results of the study complement some provisions of sportsmen’stheory of training aged 12 - 13 years; they can be used in the practice of teachers-choreographers in ballroom dancing.