Effective ways to form the artistic creative abilities of students in the organization of didactic games

This article notes that the purposeful, organized organization of didactic games in elementary grades is of great importance for the development of artistic creative abilities of younger schoolchildren. Also, the issues of using effective ways for the development and formation of talented, artistically creative children in this area were brought to attention. In this case, didactic games were shown by teaching under create conditions for the development of artistic and aesthetic taste, positive moral qualities, physical health, aesthetic education, and worldview in other students. Children with special talents are a national treasure for the future of every country. For this, it is acceptable to use a number of methods and ways to detect children with special creativity. In the learning process, interaction with students, their involvement in active interactive training, assessment of creative products, individualization of interactive learning methods, training tools, enrichment in content and form are of great importance. At this time, it was pointed out that there are ample opportunities to develop useful personalities for society by timely discovering the potential in them. The important importance of the correct writing of the scenarios of didactic games, the correct conduct of the distribution of roles, the need to reveal in advance what artistic creative abilities the students have, the pedagogical and psychological foundations in this direction are shown. The article examines that didactic games are of particular importance in teaching the subjects “Azerbaijani language”, “Life science”, “Fine arts”, “Music”, especially in primary school. In the course of teaching these subjects, along with the development of artistic creative abilities in younger schoolchildren through the correct selection of topics and the organization of didactic games on national and moral values, they acquire such moral qualities as patriotism, humanity, friendship, companionship, collectivism. It is true that didactic games are educational in nature. According to the direction studied in the article, along with the educational aspects of didactic games, it also plays a role as a tool in revealing the talent qualities of young schoolchildren. The purpose of the article is to mentions the didactic game scenario with the participation of students who have the ability to draw, recite poetry, and act in the direction of the formation of national and moral values. It was shown with examples what roles should be given to students, in what direction their talents should be revealed, it was noted that the measurement of the talents level of students studying in primary grades, starting from a young age, the development of artistic creative abilities is important for the future development of talented young people. Development of scenarios for the organization of didactic games, taking into account their age and individual characteristics, the correct development of the pedagogical, psychological foundations for this work is to achieve the disclosure of students’ artistic creative abilities. It is the clarification of ways, directions for revealing the artistic creative abilities of students by organizing didactic games in elementary grades of general education schools. It is also to achieve the progress of talented students in this regard, starting from an early age.