The present study evaluated a modified semi-micro (SMic) protocol with conventional macro (CMac) protocol for serum glucose level estimation using a semi-autoanalyser. Three hundred blood samples were collected from patients (ages 22 to 84) of Loyola Health Centre, Chennai. Each serum sample was aliquoted into two tubes, one for CMac protocol and the other for SMic protocol. Blood Glucose was estimated by GOD-POD endpoint assay for both methods using a semi-autoanalyser. Mann-Whitney U test revealed Kappa value 0.901 (se = 0.036) at 95% confidence interval for kappa = 0.831 to 0.971 and showed no significant differences (p < 0.0001) between two protocol. The SMic protocol reduces the test cost and provides an opportunity to screen many samples with fewer reagents. We conclude that SMic can be used as an alternative to CMac protocol to estimate serum glucose concentrations in diabetic patients. Keywords: Serum glucose, diabetes mellitus, semi-auto analyser, SMic, CMac, GOD-POD.

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