Form and form creation in the art of painting

The article draws attention to the need to study and master the concepts "form ‒ form creation" in the art of painting, relying on their unique importance in the process of creating an artistic image. Analysing the current state of the problem, and understanding its role in the future professional activity of artist-pedagogues, we are forced to state that this important section of art pedagogy still remains outside the boundaries of professional attention, despite the active request of student youth. However, we admit that the interest in studying the "form ‒ form creation" expressed by the students of the Faculty of Arts and Graphics as well as the impossibility of its implementation in the educational process depend not only on the professional wishes of teachers and students, but also on the lack of software, the shortage of special literature and the laboriousness of extracting necessary data from its volume, and, most importantly, ‒ on the difficulty of assimilating material during independent study. Similar factors forced the authors of the article to compile and offer a shortened version of the textual information from theoretical provisions and examples of form creation in the world art of painting, giving further analysis of the quality of its perception by the student audience. For the practical implementation of the event, a number of milestone topics were developed, which made it possible to create a certain methodical course for solving strategically selected issues.

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