Issues related to business-academic communication and language strategy in the Azerbaijani language

Modern globalization, the development of the mother tongue in the world, the improvement of its norms of speech culture does not only serve the purpose of raising the level of this language use. The increasing expansion of the international integration environment, the borderless dissemination of information, the expansion of inter-country public, social, cultural, and economic relations make the strategic opportunities of the language take a new dimension. Speech culture, being the most important and leading part of the general culture of people, is one of the components. In addition to the culture of speech, writing is included in this concept alongside culture. A person who acquires such a high quality is a social member of the society. Speech culture is a practical field of linguistics, language as a means of communication learns how to use it. Therefore, speech culture is not considered a theoretical, but a practical field of linguistics. That is, speech culture, first of all, as a means of communication through language of philology, the rules of use, the field studied on the basis of science is required. At the same time, ıt is used to express the quality of this or that speech manifestation depending on a concept. This is the speech of every representative of the people, it is a different use of the means of communication, it is the speech of different people.

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