A Study on the Need of Entrepreneurship Local Content Curriculum in Bandung Senior High School

This study discusses the needs of entrepreneurship local content curriculum in Senior High School (SHS) based on the assessment of potential local entrepreneurship resources and relevant competencies needed. There were 30 students and 30 teachers involved in the survey who were selected using purposive sampling method. Questionnaires and need assessment were employed to explore the potential entrepreneurship resources and relevance competencies needed for each type of entrepreneurship. The data were further analyzed using percentage and cross tabulation (Chi-squares) statistical methods. There are common competencies needed for running each types of entrepreneurship such as marketing strategy, book keeping, financial management, and maximizing customer satisfaction. In addition, there are specific competencies needed for each type of entrepreneurship such as creativity, innovativeness and digital skill for creative home industry entrepreneurship, and production management skill for traditional home industry entrepreneurship. The implication of this study is that every school is expected to arrange the scheduling program and provide competent teachers capable of implementing proper teaching and learning processes and mode of delivery system to facilitate the students acquiring competencies needed in enterpreunership.