Design of Cognitive Conflict-Based Interactive Multimedia Using Adobe Animate CC 2019 On Global Warming Materials


The 2013 curriculum aims to achieve the concept of Physics material. However, the facts obtained from field observations and literature review show that understanding of students' conceptual on global warming still needs to improve. The purpose of this research is to improve students' conceptual understanding of global warming material. The solution to this problem is to design cognitive conflict-based interactive multimedia using the Adobe Animate CC 2019 application to increase students' conceptual understanding of global warming material. This interactive multimedia is designed using a cognitive conflict-based learning model. There are 4 stages in the cognitive conflict-based learning model, namely: (1) Activation of preconceptions and misconceptions, (2) Presentation of cognitive conflicts, (3) Discovery of concepts and equations, and (4) Reflection. This research uses a type of development research using the Plomp method. This research was conducted in 2 stages, namely preliminary research and development or prototyping which was limited to the expert review stage. This study involved 3 experts as validators. The results of this study are that the instruments used to develop products are included in the valid category. The validation results of interactive multimedia products from experts obtained an average value of 0.83 with a valid category. It can be concluded that the design of cognitive conflict-based interactive multimedia using Adobe Animate CC 2019 on global warming material is valid for Physics learning.