Designing an e-learning curriculum for spelling on the basis of cognitive approach

The advances in information technology have brought dramatic changes to the means and methods of learning, making it possible to learn everywhere and every time. In line with educational transformations, e-Learning has gained additional significance. Educational CDs and multimediasoftware have triggered substantial changes in education (Zandi, 2009). Given the importance of language skillsin every academic level, especially the primary level, the proper instructions of these skills should be a concern to educational authorities. Writing, as it plays a crucial role to sustain language, is of significance importance and should be heeded (Birjandi, 2002). While the direct instruction of spelling on the basis of psychologicalprinciples is highly recommended in today’s educational systems, spelling is still assumed to be an assessment instrumentrather than an educational one in Iran’s curriculum. Investigating the educational texts and reliable websites, the present study aims to plan an e-learning curriculum for spelling based on cognitive approach. Key Keywords: Curriculum, E-learning, Cognitive Approach, Spelling.