Background: An increasing prevalence of cancer were globally reported especially in developing countries like India, and early identification be more productive and lessen the economical burden of subject, family and society. Health care professionals who were involved as first contact healthcare expert especially musculoskeletal experts like Physiotherapist, Physician, Orthopedic Surgeon should be made aware of physical screening, associated psychosocial factors that could have potential link for breast cancers especially among women. Female with greater stress in life, having systemic illness like Hypertension, Diabetes, having Chronic Polyarthralgia be continuously examined with physical, laboratory and due investigations exclusively for breast cancer once in every 3 months. Every minor deviation from normalcy or a suspicion be treated as red flag and referred for experts. These clinical symptoms like limbs getting stiffer, continuous pain over spine with progressive movement restriction, changes in voice, physical functioning with fatigue where noted on a 60 year old woman divorcee. Methodology: Since her age of 30 years with high stressful life, living with medication for Hypertension, Diabetes mellitus was referred by physiotherapist to Gynecologist for her physiological changes as noted above on hematological and radiological examination revealed left ductal carcinoma of grade III was treated with left breast mastectomy and axillary clearance in 02/2019, she was later treated with physiotherapy and again influence of HRT on musculoskeletal system were analyzed with evidence. Conclusion: This research where an attempt to early identification of breast carcinoma by physiotherapist. Further post mastectomy, the response to exercises with HRT were analyzed using due scientific evidence. Findings of this research can be a newer chapter for onco physiotherapy to identify breast cancer clinically and update on exercises response with HRT.
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