Formulation, Evaluation and Antibacterial Effect of Herbal Toothpaste using leaves and flowers Acmella ciliata

Oral hygiene, an integral part of the body’s general well-being, it is the practice of keeping the mouth clean and disease free by using tooth paste, mouth wash etc. Plants have been a great source of medical agents for many years and even be considered the origin of modern medicine. Phytochemicals the secondary metabolites of the plants are active ingredients that possess therapeutic properties that are considered as a medicine or drug for therapeutic purposes for the curing of diseases and improving human health. The main objective of this study is to formulate and develop an herbal toothpaste from herbal source and to evaluate its antibacterial activity. The herbal toothpaste containing leaves and flowers of Acmella ciliate, clove, honey and leaves of guava as the herbal ingredients. Different types of formulations (F1-F3) were formulated using Calcium carbonate as cleaning and polishing agent, Glycerine as humectant, Sodium lauryl sulphate, Sodium chloride as a stain remover from the teeth, Honey. The three formulations were evaluated by various parameters like colour, taste, fragrance, consistency, pH, shape maintenance, threading property, moisture content and foaming character. The herbal toothpaste having aqueous extract of herbal source are tested for antibacterial activity against K. pneumoniae, S. aureus, P. aeruginosa and S. pyogenes. The result shows that the bacteria were found to be more sensitive to the formulated toothpaste as seen by zone of inhibition. Further studies would benefit from a uniform method of assessment for clinical effectiveness of plaque and gingivitis and safety of the formulated herbal toothpaste. Keywords: Phytochemicals,Acmella ciliate,herbal toothpast, antibacterial activity