Tinjauan Historis: Toponimi Nama Kabupaten Subang

Toponym for the name of Subang Regency is a major theme in writing this article, where in the process of searching for sources, the author relies on the search for sources from a historical perspective. The purpose of this research is to provide a descriptive narrative in representing Subang Regency through its historical side, starting from folklore sources and Dutch colonial records in the 1900-1930s. The method used in this research uses literature study by conducting searches based on existing historical texts that are associated with the collective memory of the Subang community. The results of this study reveal that the name Subang relies on two sources. The first source relies on the folklore which relates the story of Nyai Subang Larang which is the pride and role model for the people of Subang. The second source, based on colonial records linking the track record of private plantation P&T (Pamanoekan en Tjiasemlanden) and its relation to P.W. Hofland, who was the "owner" of Subang in the 1900s