Human Body Shape Variation of Bangladeshi Young Men Aged 20 -25 Years

Introduction: Describing the varieties of the human body shape is in a general sense essential to numerous applications going from liveliness to item plan. This research is aimed to develop the types of men’s human body shapes available in Bangladesh. Methods: Bangladesh has more than 5000 garment factories. To create a loyal customer and own brand in Bangladesh it is very much important to have a specific size chart for this country. To develop a specific size chart, the 1st attempts to detect the body shape variation. Results: In this research, the authors took 500 men’s human body from different regions of Bangladesh to detect the human shape. Most of the body age is limit to 20-25 years old. After putting all the summarized data in the X and Y graph the author tries to detect the body shape types available in Bangladesh. Conclusion: The final results of this research will help to develop the size chart individually for different types of men’s body.

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