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Hendy Lesmana
Jurnal Aisyah : Jurnal Ilmu Kesehatan, Volume 3, pp 131-136; doi:10.30604/jika.v3i2.110

Abstract:Electrocardiogram is heart diagnostic device that is often used by nurses to assess some heart anomalies. The observations result showed that some nurses use piped water as conductor on EKG recorder and believe piped water is a good conductor for recording EKG. This research aim was to find out the used comparison of piped water and jelly towards genesis artifact. A quasi experiment approach (cross-over) was used in this research. The sample was systematically random sampling with 46 respondents were divided into two groups. The influence of piped water and jelly against genesis artifact was tested by using Chi Square. Research results illustrated piped water was greater 30.5% in the genesis artifact than jelly with only 5.4% which Chi Square value was (P: 0.0001). It indicated that the use of piped water significantly influences towards genesis artifact. Moreover, the Odds Ratio elucidated the usage of piped water was 20.81 times more artifact occurred than jelly as recording media EKG. The use of piped water as conductor on the recording EKG significantly influence towards the recording-result quality where the genesis artifact higher than jelly as conductor on EKG recording. Suggestions researchers should avoid using piped water as recording conductor and stay to use the jelly to record EKG and follow the standard procedure of EKG recording
Majestika Septikasari
Jurnal Aisyah : Jurnal Ilmu Kesehatan, Volume 3, pp 109-114; doi:10.30604/jika.v3i2.93

Abstract:Abstrak: Pemberian ASI eksklusif dapat menurunkan kematian balita di Indonesia sampai dengan 40%. Cakupan ASI Eksklusif di Kabupaten Cilacap hanya sebesar 36,16%. Bidan dapat berperan dalam meningkatkan cakupan ASI eksklusif. Tujuan dari penelitian adalah untuk menganalisis peran bidan dalam ASI eksklusif. Penelitian ini merupakan penelitian desriptif korelatif dengan pendekatan cross sectional. Sampel berjumlah 220 ibu yang memiliki anak berusia 6-12 bulan di wilayah Puskesmas Cilacap Selatan I pengumpulan sampel menggunakan teknik cluster random sampling. Data dianalisis menggunakan uji chi-square. Hasil penelitian menunjukan pengaruh yang kuat antara perawatan payudara selama kehamilan (OR=6,35; Cl95%=3,27-12,31; p=0.001 dan IMD (OR=11,56; Cl95%=4,04-33,07; p=0.001) terhadap ASI eksklusif. Sedangkan promosi ASI eksklusif (OR= 1,55; Cl95%=0,69-3,47; p=0,279) berpengaruh sedang terhadap ASI kesklusif. Peran bidan dalam melakukan promosi ASI eksklusif, perawatan payudara selama hamil dan IMD berpengaruh terhadap ASI eksklusif. Exclusive breastfeeding led to decreasing 40 percent of children under-five mortality in Indonesia. Exclusive breastfeeding rate found in Cilacap in 2014 around 36,16 percent. Midwife role was able to increase exclusive breastfeeding. This research aim was to analyze midwife role on exclusive breastfeeding in Cilacap. Type of this study was a correlation descriptive with cross-sectional approach. Of 220 mothers who had babies aged 6-12 month in Puskesmas Cilacap Selatan I in 2014 collected by a cluster random sampling method. The analysis data used the chi-square test. The results showed a strong effect between breast care (OR=6,35; Cl 95 percent=3,27-12,31; p=0.001) and the initiation of breastfeeding (OR=11,56; Cl 95 percent=4,04-33,07; p=0.001) on exclusive breastfeeding. While exclusive breastfeeding promotion (OR= 1,55; Cl 95 percent=0,69-3,47; p=0,279) was sufficiently influential on exclusive breastfeeding. Midwife role on promotion of exclusive breastfeeding, beast care, and initiation breastfeeding affected the exclusive breastfeeding
Agnes Ferusgel, Rina Mahyurni Nasution, Maria Butar-Butar
Jurnal Aisyah : Jurnal Ilmu Kesehatan, Volume 3, pp 145-152; doi:10.30604/jika.v3i2.127

Abstract:Female scavengers at Terjun Landfill when working are still found who have not used a complete PPE and are still lacking in personal hygiene, this can cause health problems, one of which is complaints of skin disorders such as itching, redness, and burning. The hypothesis in this study is that there is a relationship between working period, personal hygiene, and the use of PPE with complaints of skin disorders in female scavengers at TPA Falls. This research is an analytic observational survey research with cross-sectional approach. The population and sample in this study were all 53 female scavengers carried out at the Terjun Landfill in Marelan, Medan. Analysis of the data used is a multiple linear regression test. The results showed that there was a relationship between personal hygiene (p = 0.022) and PPE use (P = 0.025) with complaints of skin disorders in female dwellers at Terjun Landfill Marelan, while there was no relationship between work expectations with complaints of skin disorders in female scavengers. The results showed the need for cross-sectoral cooperation to improve the health status of scavengers, one of which was by conducting socialization on occupational safety and health, including in terms of personal hygiene at work and the importance of using PPE for scavengers.
Toto Aminoto
Jurnal Aisyah : Jurnal Ilmu Kesehatan, Volume 3, pp 115-120; doi:10.30604/jika.v3i2.88

Abstract:The ability to the concentration of learning is very important in order to obtain the knowledge given by the lecturer. Thus expected students at the time of exams can do the problem correctly. One form of effort to increase the concentration is with the Balance Exercise. This study aims to prove the influence of Balancing Exercise on student learning concentration. The benefits of this research is to provide therapy for students who have learning difficulties by increasing the concentration of learning to get better learning outcomes. The population in this study is all students in Campus STIE Indonesia Kota Bekasi as many as 520 people. The sampling technique used is purposive sampling. This research uses quasi-experimental method with pre and post-test design two group design The samples used during the study amounted to 86 people. The samples were divided into two groups namely the treatment group and the control group, each of which amounted to 43 people. Statistical analysis used is the paired t-test and t independent test. Measurement of learning concentration by using Stroop test mini card. The result showed that the control group produced the sign value of 0.392 so it can be concluded that there was no change of mean before and after the intervention. While in the treatment group the value of sign 0.00 which can be interpreted that there is a change in mean values before and after the intervention of balance exercise. The result of the calculation of the difference of the average value of the treatment group was 14.26 while the control group was 0.74. This result shows that the treatment group is higher than the control group. The conclusion of this research is balancing exercise has a significant effect on student concentration.
Putri Permatasari, H Hendra
Jurnal Aisyah : Jurnal Ilmu Kesehatan, Volume 3, pp 101-108; doi:10.30604/jika.v3i2.64

Abstract:Stress is actually a form of response to a person, both physically and mentally, to a change in the environment that felt annoying and cause self in danger. One of the professions that have a very high risk of exposure to stress is a firefighters. This study was conducted in Fire department South Padang in May – June 2016. Study sample as many as 116 respondents. In this study, analysis performed descriptive analyzes to look at the picture of the frequency distribution of each variable both dependent and independent variables, including: work stress, workload, a routine work, work environment, interpersonal relations with a boss, interpersonal relations with colleagues, promotion (the increase in the level of office), salary, a role in the organization, family problems, economic issues and type of personality. While the bivariate analysis aims to see whether the relationship between the independent variables and the dependent variable and observed differences in the frequency value. Based on the results study, firefighters who experienced job stress as much as 29,3 percent. While the variables that have an association with job stress events such as workload (p- value = 0,020), a routine work (p-value = 0,033), and promotion (the increase in the level of office) (p-value = 0,024). There are some suggestions that can of work stress in firefighters by held a relaxation activities and conduct spiritual cleansing.
Notesya Astri Amanupunnyo, Zahroh Shaluhiyah, Ani Margawati
Jurnal Aisyah : Jurnal Ilmu Kesehatan, Volume 3, pp 173-181; doi:10.30604/jika.v3i2.134

Abstract:Kairatu Health Center is 1 of 17 health centers in the district of West Seram with the prevalence of anemia is high at 45.63% and 2017 anemic order to 7 of 10 diseases in PHC Kairatu. Prevalence is quite high compared to world 38,2 and in Indonesia 37.1%. The purpose of this study was to determine anemia in pregnant women using cross sectional and the total sample of 120 people.Data collected interviews and questionnaires, then analyzed by univariate, bivariate and multivariate. Anemic respondents were more than those who were not anemic with the highest category of moderate anemia. Most of the respondents' ages are not at risk, slight parity, distant pregnancy distance, most trimester 3 gestational, but prenatal care is not up to standard. The test results for the cost of consuming iron supplements (p=0.030) and coffee/tea consumption (p=0.004) correlated with the incidence of anemia in pregnant women.The influential variables were consumption of iron supplements (OR=17,763) and coffee/tea consumption (OR=17,590) while age a protective factor (p=0,196). Pregnant women who do not adhere to consuming Fe tablets and often consume coffee/tea greatly affect the prevalence of anemia. Anemic education and prevention through various media and controlling the distribution of Fe tablets and consumption of Fe tablets through drug consumption cards can be carried out continuously to suppress pravalence anemia.
Rayinda Ayuningtias, Tetti Solehati, Ida Maryati
Jurnal Aisyah : Jurnal Ilmu Kesehatan, Volume 3, pp 153-162; doi:10.30604/jika.v3i2.130

Abstract:The number of woman infected with HIV in Indonesia predicted to continue to rise. The main mode of this infection is through heterosexual and IDU this causes it to trigger the wide spread of infection to partner or wife.The purpose of this research was to find out the woman’s knowledge and attitude toward the prevention of HIV/AIDS disease transmission at Kelurahan Kebon Pisang. This research was a quantitative research using descriptive method where study was conducted in September 2012 using questionnaires that were distributed to 350 respondents with stratified random sampling technique. The result of this research showed nearly to half of the respondents understood well about the object of transmission (44,9%), behavioral risk of contracting HIV (55,1%), and HIV prevention efforts (52%). In terms of attitude, nearly to half of respondents supported people with HIV/AIDS (52%) and HIV prevention efforts (58,6%). However, if viewed as averall attitude components 52,7% respondents have an attitude that did not support towards the prevention of HIV/AIDS. Therefore, the health care providers is expected to further optimize the programs that already exist related health promotion program on HIV/AIDS as whole to all society especially the womans.
Wita Asmalinda, Edy Sapada
Jurnal Aisyah : Jurnal Ilmu Kesehatan, Volume 3, pp 137-144; doi:10.30604/jika.v3i2.121

Abstract:Our bodies have an immune system, composed of cells and tissues that make up the immunity. Immune responce is away that made the body to respond to stimulations from inside or outside the body. Changes in leucocyte and leucocyte differential count indicate a humoral and cellular immune response as a tolerance of homeostatic changes in the body. Wet cupping is a treatment efforts to restore the homeostasis of the immune system. The aim of this research to know the effect of Wet cupping (Hijamah) of body immune system in venous blood of healthy person. This study was an experimental clinical trial without comparison (pretest and posttest without control group design). This research is done at the Clinic Cupping Ibnu Sina Palembang for 21 days. The blood test was conducted at the center for Laboratory of Health (BBLK) South Sumatera region. The sample in this study were some adult women who meet the criteria of inclusion and exclusion. A sample size of 30 people. Measurement parameter had increase of leucocyte and leucocyte differential count. The data obtained in this study were then analyzed statistically using SPSS version 20, which included a homogeneity test sample using Shapiro wilk test, description analysis to know the mean value and standard deviation. There were significantly increased in the number of leucocyte, neutrophil, and monocyte after 8 hours of Wet cupping and there no significant increased of lymphocyte. There was significant reduction of eosinophil after Wet cupping. There was no change of basophil. Wet cupping can grow up the immune system.
La Ode Ali Fariki, La Rangki, Rahma Wati
Jurnal Aisyah : Jurnal Ilmu Kesehatan, Volume 3, pp 163-172; doi:10.30604/jika.v3i2.137

Abstract:Infections that occur in the hospital, one of which is a nosokomial infection. Injection is one of the most commonly used medical methods for drugs or prevention. The high numbers of people who take unsafe injections are a factor that causes nosokomial infections. The purpose of this study was to analyze the behavior of nurses in hospitals in Kendari City Hospital.This study used observational analytics with a cross sectional approach with a sample of 55 people conducted proportionally random sampling using the chi square test. The results showed that there was a relationship between nurse knowledge (X2hit = 6.979), nurse motivation (X2hit = 9,133), infrastructure (X2hit = 7,487), IPCLN supervision (X2hit = 7,117) with nurse behavior in Kendari City Hospital. This study is an independent variable (knowledge of nurses, advocates, facilities and infrastructure, and IPCLN supervision) relations with nurses in the practice of injecting. Gelatin can be given by the Hospital to provide information about safe injections to nurses and conduct continuous supervision of IPCLN.
Rizkika Ramadhani
Jurnal Aisyah : Jurnal Ilmu Kesehatan, Volume 3, pp 121-129; doi:10.30604/jika.v3i2.117

Abstract:ABSTRAK COPD is a chronic and progressive disease that requires self-management efforts in the management of the disease. Self-efficacy is an important concept of self-management disease to achieve behavioral change. The research objective was to identify the influence of dyspnea management education toward self-efficacy in managing breathing difficulties in COPD patients. The research design was quasi-experimental by using pretest-posttest with the control group. The number of samples was 34, consist of 17 people in intervention group and 17 people in control group. The results showed that a significant increase toward self-efficacy after given dyspnea management education (p = 0.036). Based on this research, dyspnea management education can be used as an optimal nursing intervention to improve self-efficacy in managing breathing difficulties in COPD patients.
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