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Fluorina Oryza Muslim, Santoso Santoso, Endang Purnawati Rahayu, Mitra Mitra, Nopriadi Nopriadi
Jurnal Kesehatan Komunitas, Volume 4, pp 22-25; doi:10.25311/keskom.vol4.iss1.172

Abstract:The condition of sickness or health problems decreases the ability to work physically, being weak the sharpness of thinking to make quick and precise decisions, and decreases alertness and accuracy with the consequences of the worker concerned vulnerable to the occurrence of accidents This study aims to determine the relationship between aromatherapy type dominant to changes in pulse rate controlled by age variables, smoking habits, sleep duration, history of heart disease, fatigue, working hours of driver The research method using Quasy Experiment research design with non equivalent control group design is pre-test and post-test in experiment and control group with 40 samples taken by purposive sampling by considering inclusion criteria. The test used in this study is Paired T Test. The conclusion of this study is the using of aromatherapy does not affect the pulse. Type of giving atomatherapy , the time of giving is a factor confounding controlled.
Apri Kuntariningsih
Jurnal Kesehatan Komunitas, Volume 4, pp 26-32; doi:10.25311/keskom.vol4.iss1.223

Abstract:The sustainable development goals (SDGs), one of thems ends hunger, achieves food security and improves nutrition, and encourages sustainable agriculture. Lack of fruit and vegetable consumption causes malnutrition. The purpose of this study is to distinguish the root cause of malnutrition and to analyze alternative policy to overcome nutrition improvement for children. This method of this study uses a qualitative approach, where the research was in schoolings in Blitar and Kediri. The subjects of this research are 30 people including: 10 students, 5 teachers, 5 food vendors at school and 10 parents of students. Research findings: lack of nutrition in children, especially children during the growth phase can not be separated from the habits of the children in consuming food. Parents' knowledge of nutrition is lacking, especially attention to what is consumed in the school. School garden is one of the program that can provide fundamental knowledge about nutrition to children. Government policies must be supplementary improved and enhanced by encouraging people to consume fruits and vegetables sufficiently.
Hayana Hayana, Hastuti Marlina, Anggun Kurnia
Jurnal Kesehatan Komunitas, Volume 4, pp 8-15; doi:10.25311/keskom.vol4.iss1.195

Abstract:Hygienic behavior that includes the habit or behavior of defecation (BAB). Behavior defecation is considered correct is when residents do it in the toilet. Many villagers in TanjungMedang village who do not have a toilet that is eligible to defecate.Caused Because of lack of information and knowledge of the community so that people do defecate carelessly. This study aims to determine the relationship of education, knowledge, income, habits, attitudes, social support and the role of health officers to behavior open defacation free In TanjungMedang Village, Rangsang District, Kepulauan Meranti Regency in 2017 This research uses Cross Sectional design and using Simple Random Sampling technique. The sample of research as many as 191 people. Measuring tool used in this research is questionnaire and data processing using computerized. Independent variables in this research are education, knowledge, income, habit, attitude, social support and role of health officer. Dependent variable is behavior open defacation free. The analysis used is Univariat and Bivariat with Chi-Square test, The results showed that the knowledge variable (ph = 0.005); Income (p = 0.003); Attitude (p = 0.002); Custom (p = 0.022) related to behavior open defacation free. And educational variables (p = 0.205); Social support (p = 0.267); And the role of health workers (p = 0.103) has no relationship to behavior open defacation free The conclusion of the research is attitude as the dominant factor related to behavior open defacation free To reduce behavior open defacation free Can be run a clean and healthy lifestyle in everyday life by applying it to behave BAB to be able to keep the house always stay clean and healthy
Titiana Yuswar, Nurlisis Nurlisis
Jurnal Kesehatan Komunitas, Volume 4, pp 33-39; doi:10.25311/keskom.vol4.iss1.233

Abstract:Breast cancer examination delays is a condition where breast cancer patients come to know their condition exceeds the specified time (cancer stage III) when cancer can not differentiate well to get treatment. In Indonesia, almost 70% of breast cancer patients are too late to do examination. Data at Arifin Achmad Regional Public Hospital show increasing number of breast cancer cases, where in 2012 there were 145 cases, in 2013 there were 262 cases and in 2014 there were 584 cases. This research aims to know the factors that related to breast cancer examination delays such as knowledge, education, income, pain, fear, family support, BSE (breast elf examination), distance to health service, resources and family history of breast cancer. The research type is quantitative analytic observational. The research design is analytic cross sectional study. The populations are outpatients women with breast cancer who came to Arifin Achmad regional public hospital Riau Province and total sampel are 203 women. The data were analyzes by univariat, bivariat analyzes by chi square and multivariat analyzes by multiple logistic regression. The results of this research show that knowledge effect 3 times, income effect 3 times, distance to health service effect 2,5 times and pain effect 2 times to breast cancer examination delays. The conclusions of this study are there are casual link between knowledge, income, distance to health service and pain to breast cancer examination delays. Recommended to women to improve their knowledge about breast cancer examination and suggested to Health Departement of Riau Province through community health centers to give education and socialization about breast cancer to community. Keywords: Screening Delays, Breast Cancer, Knowledge, Income, Distance
Dessy Angraini, Resa Ferdina
Jurnal Kesehatan Komunitas, Volume 4, pp 16-21; doi:10.25311/keskom.vol4.iss1.241

Abstract:Hospitals as one of the services in the marketing world face a very tight competition dynamics, this requires the hospital management to improve itself and make efficiency, so the hospital is required to provide optimum quality for the performance given to the patient because the patient will provide subjective assessment or forming a direct perception of the image of the company or service provider concerned. Therefore, the study aims to determine the effect of service quality on the image of Dental and mouth Hospital Baiturrahmah. This study used analytic design with cross sectional approach. The sample was 96 respondents, which were chosen using consecutive sampling technique that was adjusted with inclusion and exclusion criteria. The results showed that the characteristics of respondents were aged between 21-40 years old (42.7%) with educational background of majority respondents with high school education (62.5%). The work of respondents is housewife (IRT) amount (41,7%). Of five service quality dimensions consisted of tangibility, reliablity, responsiveness assurance, and empathy, only responsiveness which has significant effect on RSGM image t-count value 3,915. Based on the r-square value of service quality is only capable of affecting image of 51%, while 49% more image is influenced by other variables. It can be concluded that there is influence responsiveness to RSGM Baiturrahmah image, but not with tangibility, reliablity, assurance, empaty.
Ade Cahya
Jurnal Kesehatan Komunitas, Volume 4, pp 1-1; doi:10.25311/keskom.vol4.iss1.293

Abstract:Lembaga pengindeks bisa diibaratkan sebuah toko yang akan kita titipkan barang dagangan kita agar dapat dilihat oleh orang yang berkunjung ke toko tersebut. Semakin terkenal toko yang kita titipkan semakin tinggi pula kesempatan barang dagangan kita lebih sering dilihat oleh pengunjung toko, sehingga reputasi barang dagangan kita pun reputasinya meningkat dan orang akan lebih merekomendasikan dagangan kita bahkan menyebutkan jika bercerita kepada orang lain. Jadi indeksasi adalah pendaftaran jurnal pada lembaga pengindeks bereputasi. Lembaga pengindeks akan membantu mempromosikan semua artikel yang ada pada jurnal kita kepada publik. Semakin banyak jurnal kita terindeks dilembaga pengindeks maka secara otomatis meningkatkan sitasi bahkan reputasi jurnal kita tersebut. Terdapat beberapa tingkatan lembaga pengindeks yang dapat kita kelompokkan kedalam kategori tinggi, sedang dan rendah. Umumnya lembaga pengindeks yang berkategori tinggi relatif sangat selektif untuk memilih jurnal agar dapat terindeks dan mereka memilki database yang besar contoh : Scopus dan Thompson Reuters. Kategori sedang relatif selektif memilih jurnal, memiliki database besar dan tidak memiliki perangkat analisa sitasi dan pemeringkatan jurnal contoh lembaga ini misalnya DOAJ, EBSCO, PubMed, CABI dan lembaga pengindeks yang setara. Sedangkan kategori rendah hampir tidak selektif terhadap jurnal yang terindeks misalnya Google Scholar, Portal Garuda, Moraref, WorldCat dan lembaga pengindeks yang setara. Jurnal Kesehatan Komunitas (Journal of Community Health) saat ini sudah terindeks oleh lembaga pengindeks internasional bereputasi sedang yaitu pada DOAJ dan CABI. Ada beberapa hal yang menguntungkan jika kita telah terindeks pada lembaga pengindeks sedang dan tinggi yaitu lembaga pengindeks yang barkategori rendah ada yang secara otomatis melakukan harvesting jurnal dari lembaga pengindeks seperti DOAJ maupun Crosref. Berikut adalah beberapa lembaga pengindeks yang sudah didaftarkan oleh Jurnal Kesehatan Komunitas (Journal of Community Health) Gambar 1 Lembaga Pengindeks pada Jurnal Kesehatan Komunitas Sebelum melakukan pendaftaran ke lembaga pengindeks kita dapat menyiapkan beberapa hal seperti, halaman lengkap yang menampilkan Article Processing Charges, Plagiarism Check, Editorial Board, Review Policy, Open Access Policy, Reference Management Policy, Copyright Statement, Guidelines, Aims and Scope, Publication Ethics, Copyright Transfer Form, Author Fees dan Statistic Visitors. Kemudian memiliki Content Licencing yang dapat kita peroleh dengan mengunjungi halaman http:// Berikutnya yang perlu kita siapkan adalah Plagiarism Checker dapat dilakukan dengan software berbasis desktop maupun berbasi halaman web, contoh Crossref Similarity Check powered by Ithenticate salah satu layanan yang dikelola oleh Relawan Jurnal Indonesia (RJI) dengan syarat telah mengurus DOI melalui RJI. Untuk dapat terindeks pada lembaga pengindeks bereputasi perlu...
Kiswanto Kiswanto
Jurnal Kesehatan Komunitas, Volume 3, pp 176-181; doi:10.25311/keskom.vol3.iss5.153

Abstract:Organization support is one of the determining factors in improving the performance of the employees. Organization support consisting of organizational factor, convenience environment, the provision of the infrastructure the selection of technology and working proviso condition. The purpose of this study is to analyze the relationship between organization support and performance of pharmacist assistant at the pharmacies division of the district general hospital Arifin Achmad Pekanbaru of Riau province. This was an analytic quantitative study with the cross sectional design to 53 pharmacist assistants as population. The study was used total sampling. The data were collected by using questionnaire and analyzed with univariate and bivariate. The results showed 49% pharmacist assistants having poor performance. There was a significant relationship between working condition (p-value = 0,04), the convenience of organization environment (p-value = 0,019) with the performance of pharmacist assistant. Its Expected the hospital management to improve the convenience of organization environment at the pharmacies division and also improve the health program and salvation for pharmacist assistant.
Rini Hariani Ratih
Jurnal Kesehatan Komunitas, Volume 3, pp 193-195; doi:10.25311/keskom.vol3.iss5.166

Abstract:Kehamilan menyebabkan banyak perubahan pada tubuh ibu. Perubahan-perubahan itu untuk menyesuaikan tubuh ibu pada keadaan kehamilannya (Ratna, 2010). Perubahan tersebut sebagian besar adalah karena pengaruh hormon, yaitu peningkatan hormon estrogen dan progesteron. Segera setelah terjadi peningkatan hormon estrogen dan progesteron dalam tubuh, maka akan muncul berbagai macam ketidaknyamanan secara fisiologis pada ibu misalnya mual muntah, keletihan, dan pembesaran pada payudara. (Hani,dkk 2011). Emesis gravidarum ini menyebabkan menurunan nafsu makan sehingga terdapat perubahan keseimbangan elektrolit dengan kalium, kalsium dan natrium yang menyebabkan perubahan metabolisme tubuh (Neil & Nelson, 2006). Menurut Supriyanto (2009), 50-90% wanita hamil mengalami mual pada trimester pertama dan sekitar 25% wanita hamil mengalami masalah mual muntah memerlukan waktu untuk beristirahat dari pekerjaannya (Smith, dkk, 2009). Tujuan penelitian ini Untuk Mengetahui kandungan buah pisang kepok terhadap Emesis GravidarumTrimester I. Salah satu terapi non-farmakologi yang direkomendasikan untuk mengatasi emesis gravidarum adalah pisang. Penyebaran pisang hampir ada diseluruh daerah di Indonesia, dan memiliki banyak khasiat, salah satunya sebagai anti emesis geavidraum. Dalam pisang mengandung vitamin B6 adalah vitamin yang larut didalam air. Vitamin B6 dapat membantu meningkatkan pengembangan sel sistem syaraf pusat pada janin. Dengan jumlah yang tepat vitamin B6 ini akan mengurangi morning sickness. Salah satu jenis pisang yang direkomendasikan untuk emesis gravidarum yaitu pisang kepok. Dari hasil pemeriksaan dilaboratorium dengan sediaan menggunakan pisang kepok yang mana terdiri dari 3 macam bentuk konsumsi pisang kepok untuk mengetahui kandungan masing-masing didalam pisang kepok yang terdiri dari: pertama pisang kepok yang mengkal terdapat kandungan B6 sebesar 0,2022 mg/ml, kedua :pisang kepok masak kandungan B6 sebesar 0,2530mg/ml, dan ketiga: pisang kepok yang direbus selama 40 menit terdapat kandungan B6 sebesar0,3646 mg/ml. dari hasil tersebut maka peneliti menganjurkan cara mengkonsumsi pisang kapok untuk emesis gravidarum yaitu dengan cara direbus.
Leon Candra
Jurnal Kesehatan Komunitas, Volume 3, pp 172-175; doi:10.25311/keskom.vol3.iss5.161

Abstract:Use of media in the marketing strategy is an element of marketing tactics in an attempt to capture the market. Indicators of success are increased traffic promotions. Based on a survey conducted through interviews known that since the beginning of the Hospital stood own promotional programs, such as promotion through print media (brochures, leaflets, banners), electronic media (TV) and online media (official site). The purpose of this study is to obtain in-depth information about the use of media in the marketing strategy at the Hospital Syafira 2016. This study was descriptive qualitative. The study was conducted at Hospital Syafira Pekanbaru. Subject of the study consisted of 3 main informant, 3 people informant support. With the method of collecting data through observation, interviews dam has the document. To maintain the validity of the data is done by means of triangulation. The results of the study, targeted communication of the Hospital is the whole society is in need of health services as well as the expected response from the target of the media campaign is limited only to find out the services that exist at the hospital. In setting the amount of the budget into the specific factors that need to be considered, namely in terms of the frequency of advertising and market share. Determining the message is done by involving the community or visitors. Selection of the budget available media that is using print media such as brochures, leaflets, banners, billboards, online media and social media such as facebook, twitter, instagram, specific media type is most effective is to use the brochure. Suggestions to the hospital, to determine the target of communication. Paying attention to the message, not just to provide information services, but the message may cause awareness or attention, interest, create desire, and encourage action. Managing back website which until now have been inaccessible again
Riri Maharani, Dary Putri Syafrandi
Jurnal Kesehatan Komunitas, Volume 3, pp 165-171; doi:10.25311/keskom.vol3.iss5.122

Abstract:Hipertensi merupakan penyebab utama stroke yang membawa angka kematian tinggi. Keadaan ini terjadi di dunia, baik di negara maju maupun negara berkembang. Data yang diperoleh dari Puskesmas Harapan Raya menunjukkan meningkatnya kasus hipertensi sejak 2014 (4879 kasus) hingga 2015 (5208 kasus). Tujuan penelitian ini adalah memperoleh faktor-faktor yang berhubungan dengan perilaku pengendalian tekanan darah pada penderita hipertensi di Puskesmas Harapan Raya, Pekanbaru. Penelitian analitik kuantitatif ini menggunakan penelitian cross sectional. Populasi adalah pasien hipertensi pada 12 Mei sampai dengan 12 Juni 2016. Sampelnya adalah 152 orang dengan hipertensi yang mengunjungi pusat komunitas kesehatan Harapan Raya. Teknik sampling adalah accidental sampling. Instrumen ini menggunakan kuesioner dan pengolahan data terkomputerisasi. Analisis statistik menggunakan univariat dan bivariat dengan uji Chi-square. Hasilnya menunjukkan faktor yang berhubungan dengan perilaku pengendalian tekanan darah pada penderita hipertensi adalah pengetahuan (p-value =0.022, POR = 2.263; 95%CI: 1,171-4,372 ), sikap (p-value = 0.025, POR = 2.249; 95%CI: 1,155-4,564), diet (p-value = 0,027, POR = 2.296; 95%CI: 1,155-4,564), olahraga (p-value
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