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Milda Damkuvienė, Evandzelina Petukiene
Advanced Journal of Social Science, Volume 2, pp 40-47; doi:10.21467/ajss.2.1.40-47

Abstract:Customer participation is one of the critical research issues in service management. This study draws on the client participation concept to explore the content and levels of customer participation in public services (Lithuanian elderships). By integrating Unified Service theory, Service Dominant logic, and using a research design with 12 interviews and 600 participating customer survey, the study confirms the three level customer participation model, identifies four categories of participating customers and shows how sociodemographic characteristics affect customer participation level. Data suggest that public service providers need to pay attention to customer participation management (identification, selection, education and motivation).
Mawulikplimi Yao Adzavon, Pengxiang ZHAO, Xujuan Zhang, Xin Zhang, Limin Wang, Tarekegn Gebreyesus Abisso, XueMei Ma
International Annals of Science, Volume 4, pp 27-34; doi:10.21467/ias.4.1.27-34

Abstract:Despite a perpetual increase in the prevalence of benign lymphoepithelial lesion, data on the mechanisms governing its pathogenesis are still missing. Thus, we aimed in the present study to evaluate whether TLRs could regulate the expression of the pleiotropic pro-inflammatory and tumor-related cytokine MIF in BLEL. Using gene expression profiling and protein expression analysis methods, we found that TLRs were overexpressed and that their signaling pathways were activated in BLEL. We have also confirmed in tissues biopsies, the overexpression of MIF reported previously in plasma of BLEL specimen. The analysis of the TLR7/8 impact on the expression of MIF in BLEL primary cells showed that when activated, TLR7/8 stimulate mainly BLEL lymphocytes to release MIF but not the fibroblast-like cells. No significant change was observed when MIF expression was investigated at the transcriptional level 24h post TLR7/8 activation. Taken together, these data suggest that TLR7 and TLR8 are activated in BLEL and may induce a cell type-dependent regulation of MIF secretion and expression.
Iakovos Tsiplakides
Advanced Journal of Social Science, Volume 2, pp 23-31; doi:10.21467/ajss.2.1.23-31

Abstract:In this paper we draw on the hypothesis of “Effectively Maintained Inequality” (EMI), which holds that inequalities in higher education concern differentiation as regards the institutions or study programmes which people from different socioeconomic backgrounds choose, rather than the difference between participating and non-participating. It is an important issue, as in modern knowledge and information societies, characterized by new methods of getting, processing and distributing information, higher education is important as a means of equipping people with the knowledge necessary to participate actively in them, for personal growth and national growth. It also impacts positively on social justice, equality of educational opportunity and can boost intergenerational social mobility. These potential benefits, however, are undermined by segregation within higher education. In this paper we present the findings of a research study that examined the breadth of segregation of the higher sector in Greece by socioeconomic background. Research findings indicate a correlation among cultural, social and financial capital and programme or institution, thus conforming the theory of “Effectively Maintained Inequality”.
Wambura Mwiryenyi Mwita, Esther Titilayo Akinlabi, Kazeem Oladele Sanusi
Journal of Modern Materials, Volume 5, pp 8-23; doi:10.21467/jmm.5.1.8-23

Abstract:Application of severe plastic deformation (SPD) technology to process effective biomedical titanium alloys has shown promising results at laboratory scale. However, more research is still required before adopting this technology from laboratory scale to industrial scale production. This review presents performance and prospects of SPD for effective ultra-fine/nanograin structure-biomedical titanium alloys. Effective biomedical titanium alloys should have desired properties for the medical application. The properties include; high static and fatigue strengths, surface hardness for wear resistance, good ductility, corrosion resistance and biocompatibility. Based on current works reported in the literature, the review focused on; high-pressure torsion (HPT), equal channel angular pressing (ECAP), asymmetric rolling (AR), accumulative roll bonding (ARB) and repetitive corrugation and straightening (RCS). Overview of biomedical application of titanium alloys and desired material properties is presented. A detail discussion on the working principle, performance (e.g. induced strength, hardness, grain size and texture etc.) and material deformation homogeneity of each SPD method are presented. Also, prospects and challenges of each SPD method to be implemented at industrial scale for continuous and mass production are highlighted. The review concludes with the effectiveness of SPD processes, characteristics of processed samples and suggestion of future work for SPD to process effective biomedical titanium alloys at industrial scale.
Bankole Samuel Opeyemi, Bankole Ruth Temidayo, Yetunde Oyinkansade Babalola, Ilerioluwa Busayo Emmanuel, Motunrayo Temitope Ojubolamo, Awotedu Bolakale Folake
International Annals of Science, Volume 4; doi:10.21467/ias.4.1.20-26

Abstract:Tomato is a commercially important vegetable throughout the whole world and its availability all the year is grossly affected by anthracnose disease, hence, the need for an effective bio-control that is affordable and user friendly. This study therefore investigated the inhibitory effect of ethanol extracts of Azadirachta indica and Tabacum nicotianaon the mycelium growth of fungi associated with anthracnose disease of tomato. Tomatoes that showed black circular lesions with concentric ring and black spores were bought from Aleshinloye market in Ibadan; samples (3×3mm) from the sterilized margin of the lesion were inoculated on potato dextrose agar and observed for mycelium growth for five days. The obtained cultures were then sub cultured to obtain pure cultures which were introduced into healthy tomato fruits to confirm koch’s postulate. The in-vitro antifungal effects of ethanol extracts of Azadirachta indica and Nicotiana tabacum on isolated fungus causing anthracnose disease of tomato was investigated using agar dilution method. Based on cultural and microscopic characteristics of conidia, Colletotrichum coccodewas identified as organism causing anthracnose disease of tomato. The antifungal effect of the two ethanol plant extracts revealed that Azadirachta indica had the highest inhibitory effect of (45.00cm) at 100mg/ml and the least effect of (38.00cm) at 50mg/ml. Nicotiana tobacum equally had its highest inhibitory effect of (58.00cm) at 100mg/ml and lowest effect of (40.57cm) at 50mg/ml. This result also showed that Nicotiana tobacum had the highest inhibitory effect on Colletotrichum coccode than Azadirachta indica. Conclusively, the use of Tobacco and Neem plant extracts has antifungal activity against Colletotrichum which is responsible for Anthracnose disease of tomato. The plant could be a veritable and cheaper substitute for conventional drugs since the plant is easily obtainable and the extract can easily be made via a simple process of maceration or infusion.
Ashish Mishra, Mukul Kumar
Advanced Journal of Graduate Research, Volume 3, pp 47-61; doi:10.21467/ajgr.3.1.47-61

Abstract:The article gives a concise overview of solar dynamical processes and their impacts on the space weather. This article is based on the observational and theoretical developments made during last few decades. The article begins with a brief discussion of the Sun and the solar interior, from the core to the solar corona. We discuss the solar magnetic field and provide some basic understanding of the solar dynamo model. The solar dynamical processes, the transient as well as the gradual, are the manifestations of the Sun’s magnetic field. Magnetic reconnection, as well as submergence and emergence of magnetic flux tubes, plays an important role in the solar activities. This article tries to cover a range of dynamical processes, including sunspots, solar prominences and bright points. We also discussed various models of the dynamical processes along with their properties and effect on other activities occurring on the Sun.
Christopher Mkirema Maghanga, Department of Biological & Physical Sciences, Kabarak University, Kenya, Maurice M Mwamburi, Department of Physics, University of Eldoret, Kenya
Journal of Modeling and Simulation of Materials, Volume 1, pp 3-7; doi:10.21467/jmsm.1.1.3-7

Mahmoud Ahmad, Physics Department, College of Science in Zulfi, Majmaah University, 1712 Zulfi, Saudi Arabia, Physics Department, Faculty of Science, Al-Azhar University, 71524 Assuit, Egypt.
Journal of Modeling and Simulation of Materials, Volume 1, pp 1-2; doi:10.21467/jmsm.1.1.1-2

Aakash Shah, Santosh Kumar Goje, Bhumi Modi
Advanced Journal of Graduate Research pp 13-19; doi:10.21467/ajgr.3.1.13-19

Chetan Baseganni, Hanumesha Pujar
Advanced Journal of Graduate Research, Volume 3, pp 34-40; doi:10.21467/ajgr.3.1.34-40

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