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Journal Jurnal Pengolahan Pangan

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Renol Renol, Finarti Finarti, Deddy Wahyudi, Mohamad Akbar, Radhiyatul Ula
Jurnal Pengolahan Pangan, Volume 3, pp 22-27; doi:10.31970/pangan.v3i1.9

Abstract:Gelatin is derivative protein of collagen fiber which is found in the skin, bone, and cartilage. The composition of amino acids is almost similar to collagen, where glycine as the main amino acid and as 2/3 of all the amino acids that make it up, where 1/3 of the amino acids contained by proline and proline hydroxine. This research aims at knowing the physical charateristic of rendement and pH by using the skin of tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) in concentration of HCL as immersion solution. The benefits of this research are expected to be the information sources of gelatin making in production scale, especially the gelatin production from the skin of tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus). The information are expected to support the development of information science and technology (IPTEK). Gelatin of tilapia skin (Oreochromis niloticus) used Completely Randomized Design (RAL) with 4 treatments. The treatments were HCl immersion to Tilapia’s skin (Oreochromis nilaticus) with N1 (4%), N2 (5%), N3 (6%) and N4 (7%) in 4 times repetitions
Asrawaty Asrawaty, Evi Huzaibah, Minarny Gobel
Jurnal Pengolahan Pangan, Volume 3, pp 1-8; doi:10.31970/pangan.v3i1.6

Abstract:The purpose of this research is to know the effect of addition of noni flour as substitution of tapioca flour to protein content, moisture content, and ash content and organoleptic nature of tuna burger. This study used Completely Randomized Design (RAL) and Randomized Block Design (RAK). The experimental treatment were: B1 (0% noni flour + 15% tapioca flour), B2 (2.5% noni flour + 12.5% tapioca flour), B3 (5% noni flour + 10% tapioca flour), B4 7.5% noni flour + 7.5% tapioca flour). To know the effect of treatment, then the analysis of variance and if the treatment has real effect continued with BNT advanced test. Based on the result of the research, it can be concluded that the addition of noni flour as substitution of tapioca flour to 7.5% can increase the protein tuna burger protein by 14.87%, moisture content 71.07% and ash content 2.07%, and aroma, taste, color, and texture are relatively the same on all treatments
Darni Lamusu
Jurnal Pengolahan Pangan, Volume 3, pp 9-15; doi:10.31970/pangan.v3i1.7

Abstract:This study aims to determine the organoleptic test of purple sweet potato jalangkote The analysis of research data is designed with Completely Randomized Design which is arranged with 1 factor that is purple sweet potato (J) : J0 = 50% purple sweet potato flour + 50% wheat flour; J1 = 60% purple sweet potato flour + 40% wheat flour; J2 = 70% purple sweet potato flour + 30% wheat flour; J3 = 80% purple sweet potato flour + 20% flour. Based on the results of organoleptic tests showed that the panelist's assessment of jalangkote sweet potato products gave a very real effect on the color, aroma and texture of jalangkote, Then give no real influence on jalangkote sweet potato flavor purple. The best treatment based on panelist appraisal was treatment of J3 ie 80% purple sweet potato flour + 20% flour in color (4.15) and flavor (4.25). Then the best treatment on the scent (4.50) and texture (4.45) is the treatment of 50% purple sweet potato flour + 50% wheat flour
Muhamad Musbah, Rahmi Fitriawati Am, Yeldi S Adel, Muliadin Muliadin
Jurnal Pengolahan Pangan, Volume 3, pp 16-21; doi:10.31970/pangan.v3i1.8

Abstract:Sardine fish oil contains essential omega-3 fatty acids, EPA (Eikosapentanoat Acid) and DHA (Dokosaheksaenoat Acid) which have an important role for human health. In addition to omega-3 fatty acids there is also a squalen obtained from liver of sharkoils that have considerable benefits to human health as inhibitor cancer, diabetes and endurance. The combination of sardine oil rich omega-3 and squalen from shark oils into commercial emulsified products is underresearch. This research aims to make emulsion formulation fish oils rich of omega-3 and squaleneby treating the guar gum emulsifier concentration. Based on the stability test parameters and droplet / globula size the best emulsion product was produced on a formula with guar gum concentration of 1.1%.
Rahmi Am Fitrawati, Muhamad Musbah, Muliadin Muliadin, Roni Hermawan, Renol Renol, Mohammad Akbar
Jurnal Pengolahan Pangan, Volume 3, pp 28-31; doi:10.31970/pangan.v3i1.10

Abstract:Catfish is one of potential fisheries products in Central Sulawesi, but this fact is not in line with community consumption level. Catfishes contain protein and fatty acid which are good for health. The use of catfishes as fish chips become one of the way out to increase the community consumption level. This research aims at knowing the effect of catfishes protein concentration toward chemical content (water content, ash content) and organoleptics. The research result shows that the treatment of catfishes protein concentration is unsignifficantly effect the water and ash content, besides the result of hedonic test shows that the concentration signifficantly effect the taste, the smell and the texture of catfish chips but unsignifficanly effect the colour of it. The treatment by adding 200 g of catfish was being the panels’ most favorite treatment with a score of 4.5 or with the rounding 5 indicated as favored.
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