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Hana Catur Wahyuni, Setiawan Setiawan
PROZIMA (Productivity, Optimization and Manufacturing System Engineering), Volume 1; doi:10.21070/prozima.v1i1.702

Abstract:Productivity is an indicator of a company's development. Therefore, every company must perform the measurement of productivity in one cycle consisting of: productivity measurement, productivity evaluation, planning productivity and productivity improvement. PT ABC is a company engaged in export-oriented shoe industry. The purpose of this study was to determine the level of productivity in PT ABC for injection area so that corrective measures can be formulated. Productivity measurement method used is the objective matrix (OMAX). The measurement results showed that the total value of productivity in the area of injection machine is 355. Keywords: productivity measurement, productivity evaluation, productivity planning dan productivity improvement
Aris Susanto, Atikha Sidhi Cahyana
PROZIMA (Productivity, Optimization and Manufacturing System Engineering), Volume 1; doi:10.21070/prozima.v1i1.700

Abstract:PT. Santos Premium Creamer is a great company in the area of Sidoarjo, food companies and one of the largest producers of creamer in Sidoarjo, the process of using tech machines. Soit needs human resourcehas the ability as well asinsight into the science of running machines. Supporting career PT.Santos Premium Creamer is one of the main requirements of education, the Company provides the opportunity for employees at the level of assistant to resume his education from vocational to higher education as one of the main requirements if later there is promotion of employees. So with the career path in PT. Santos Premium Creamer, motivate employees to college. PT. Santos Premium Creamer consists of several departments of which the production department, where in every part of the patriarch with different people and have different leadership styles as well. Included response to the employees in the department who enrolled. This study was to determine whether the motivation and leadership style affect the achievement of employees of PT. Santos Premium Creamer is currently studying by using SEM (Structural Equation Modelling). Obtaining results that affect the achievement of employee motivation PT.Santos Premium Creamer is currently studying. Leadership style has no effect on employee performance PT.Santos Premium Creamer is currently studying. Good leadership style for leadership in PT.Santos Premium Creamer is a style of leadership that has the ability to work closely matching Keywords: Motivation, Leadership Styles, Job Performance
Mochamad Nuri Affa, Boy Isma Putra
PROZIMA (Productivity, Optimization and Manufacturing System Engineering), Volume 1; doi:10.21070/prozima.v1i1.703

Abstract:PT. JC is a company that uses means of transporting goods to the manual process, or so-called Manual Materials Handling (MMH) is done by workers in the Department of Warehouse. In addition to the process of moving goods by using aids such as forklifts manual removal is still needed in this company because it has advantages compared to using the tool for material removal manually can be done in a limited space. In the process of manual material handling led to several complaints that arise and can be analyzed using a Nordic body map (NBM). The use of nordic body map is an appropriate method to use because by analyzing the map of the body aimed at any part of the body feels pain.Besides complaints can also be known value Recomended Weight Limit (RWL) as recommended by NIOSH (National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health) on estimates possibility of stretching further to the value of Lifting Index (LI) aims to determine the estimated value relative to the voltage level of physical processes manual material handling. From manual material handling processes that cause the symptoms of musculoskeletal disorder completion technically be done to minimize the effects on workers. keywords:Manual Material Handling, Muskuloskelatal Disorder, Nordic body map,Recomended Weight Limit , Lifting Index.
Rony Prabowo
PROZIMA (Productivity, Optimization and Manufacturing System Engineering), Volume 1; doi:10.21070/prozima.v1i1.704

Abstract:Inventories of raw materials is one of the most important elements in the company's operations are continuously must be obtained, processed and resold. The raw material is meant for the smooth running of production operations set. So, we need an optimum inventory levels to meet the needs of both the quantity, quality and time at a low cost. For that we need a system of planning and inventory control are best - well, that inventories of raw materials should be defined and calculated correctly and accurately in order to obtain a low total cost of inventory that can minimize the cost of production. Forecasting approach is expected to represent the number of actual demand in the coming period. Based on the number of requests of forecasting results can be determined raw material inventory control. By using EOQ then firms will be able to minimize the cost of raw material supplies of oil. Companies should pay attention to the order of recording historical data of oil, classification of costs - the cost of orders and storage costs, because such data is necessary to obtain optimal results inventory control. Keywords: inventory control planning, forecasting, EOQ
Tuani Lidiawati Simangunsong
PROZIMA (Productivity, Optimization and Manufacturing System Engineering), Volume 1; doi:10.21070/prozima.v1i1.707

Abstract:The first step that possible for Surabaya University (Ubaya) to realize a sustainability campus was waste production reduction. A research related to solid waste management in Ubaya need to be conducted. The aims of the research were 1. To determinate the economical organic solid waste composition in faculty of engineering 2. Estimating the quantity of economical organic solid waste in faculty of engineering 3. Calculating the greenhouse gas that can be reduced by managing the economical organic solid waste. The scope of calculation was CH4 generation. Research is done by survey of solid waste generation. Survey was conducted at faculty of engineering Ubaya, in TA building until TS building plus faculty of engineering gazebo. The estimation of economical organic solid waste was taken for eight days in September 2016. The calculation of green house emission from solid waste was referred to Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) 2006 guidelines. The results of the research indicated that the composition of economical organic solid in the faculty of engineering was white paper, brown paper, cardboard, and juice and tea packaging. The average quantity of economical organic waste generated in the faculty of engineering per day were white paper: 5.44 kg, 1.055 kg of brown paper, cardboard 2.51 kg and 0,765 kg of tea and juice packaging. Greenhouse gas (CH4), which could be lowered if the economical organic waste is managed was around 1.14 kg / day. Keywords: sustainability, IPCC, campus, organic solid waste
Wijdani Anindya Hadi, Putu Dana Karningsih
PROZIMA (Productivity, Optimization and Manufacturing System Engineering), Volume 1; doi:10.21070/prozima.v1i1.701

Abstract:Procurement is one of activity of government institution. ULP Bontang as a procurement unit is a part of Bappeda Bontang. Due to importance of procurement process, ULP Bontang needs to manage its risks by identifying, analyzing and controlling potential risk that may impedes ULP objectives. All goverment institution refer to a Internal Government Controlling System which called by Sistem Pengendalian Intern Pemerintah (SPIP) for conducting its risk management. Since there are several part of SPIP is not applicable in ULP Bontang. Therefore in this research, SPIP is modified based on ISO 31000 framework. Moreover, Delphi method is utilized to identiry riks involving five experts and established 23 potential risk in ULP Bontang. The modifications were also made in developing of severity and probability tables corresponding to the conditions of ULP Bontang. The formulation of mitigation recommendation concerned by very high potential risks. The mitigation for risk number (12) ULP Bontang office is not representative are securing ULP office using fingerprint device so only authorized personel allowed to enter the office. The cost required for this mitigation is about Rp 30.000.000 and Rp 32.000.000 for CCTV installation and evacuation route sign and also ULP needs to partnership with other institution to securing ULP Bontang member.Keyword : risk management, procurement, ISO 31000, Delphi Method, ULP Bontang
Satya Swesty Widiyana, Rus Indiyanto
PROZIMA (Productivity, Optimization and Manufacturing System Engineering), Volume 1; doi:10.21070/prozima.v1i1.705

Abstract:This study was taken from the problems in Heaven Store ranging from turnover does not reach the target, the different display products for each branch, and a just few reference customer visiting from problems in customer satisfaction. because the values of input and output obtained from each branch has a different values so demanding customers Heaven Store to correct weaknesses in the efficiency of customer service and satisfaction, then we tried to respond to the challenges of these improvements to the study "Analysis of Measurement Efficiency Services Methods Data envelopment analysis (DEA) In Heaven Store in West Surabaya "So in this study, researchers will assist the managementHeaven Store for measuring the level of efficiency that Heaven store along 5th branches can improve the quality of service by using data envelopment analysis (DEA), which is a methods that determine the level of efficiency similar organization where efficiency is not determined by the organization concerned. It is hoped this analysis will help the management to withdraw the customer so that the customer can buy the products that are sold in Heaven Store. After calculation of the mathematical model by referring to the calculation of the mathematical model DEA CRS, obtained the efficiency 0.8479688 on the fifth branch Heaven Store, then after an improvement in input and output according to the reference fixes the target model of DEA CRS, then the value of the relative efficiency DMU 5 can be increased from 0.8479688 (inefficient) to 1.000000 (efficient). Keywords: Data Envelopment Analysis, customer satisfaction, efficiency
Bayu Arif Wicaksono, Wiwik Sulistiyowati
PROZIMA (Productivity, Optimization and Manufacturing System Engineering), Volume 1; doi:10.21070/prozima.v1i1.706

Abstract:PT.Viccon Modren Industries is a company engaged in the brick industry light . Problems often arise during the process of making light brick is a lightweight brick compressive strength is not in accordance with company standards for ˃3,50 N / mm² , so the quality is not optimal light brick . In an effort to overcome these problems , it is necessary to control the production of Online Quality Control with Statistical Process Control methods to identify the root of the problems that occur in the production of lightweight brick . Statistical tools in Statistical Process Control methods include check sheets , Pareto charts , cause-effect diagrams , and maps control p . Then the data Statistical Process Control is integrated with the Taguchi method as Offline Quality Control to be used as a parameter in determining the factors that have significant influence in the optimization of compressive strength of lightweight brick. Based on the research showed that the factors significantly influence the light brick compressive strength is the amount of cement and gypsum number . Combination level of the factors that resulted in the average value and variance of compressive strength of lightweight brick that is optimal is the same , namely the setting factor water volume at level 2 for 150 Liter ( A2 ) , factor the amount of silica sand on level 2 of 550 Kg ( B2 ), cement jumalah factor on level 3 of 350 Kg ( C3 ) , as well as gypsum julah factor on level 3 of 300 Kg ( D3 ). Keywords : compressive strength , Statistical Process Control , Taguchi Methods.
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