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Jhsp Uinsaya
Journal of Health Science and Prevention, Volume 2; doi:10.29080/jhsp.v2i1.117

Nur Rachmat, Dwi Setyawan, Annisa Eka Septiani, Esti Novi Andyarini
Journal of Health Science and Prevention, Volume 2, pp 57-61; doi:10.29080/jhsp.v2i1.101

Abstract:Obesity is a global epidemic and has become a health issue that must be addressed immediately.The purpose of this study was to analyze the Effect of the Medial Arch Support to a Static Balance in adolescent with obesity in SMA N 1 Tangen. This research was using quasi experimental method with a single group pre test and post test designed. Fifteen students were selected as research subject based on inclution and exclution criterias. The subjects were given an explanation of the purpose of this study and voluntarily participated by signing informed consent. The pre test (before using medial arch cupport) and post test (after using medial arch support) stages was conducted by using standing stork test. Data was analyzed using wilcoxon test hypotheses. The result of the study showed a significant influence on the medial arch support usage to increase the static balance in adolescent with obesity in SMA N 1 Tangen. It is showed by probability value p=0.029 for the right leg and p=0.023 for the left leg.
Sri Hidayati
Journal of Health Science and Prevention, Volume 2, pp 48-56; doi:10.29080/jhsp.v2i1.114

Abstract:Hypertension has become a global problem because of its prevalence continues to rise to an alarming stage. It was estimated that by the year 2025 about 29% of adults worldwide will suffer from hypertension. The purpose of this research was to identified the hyertension risk factors occurrence by using systematic review on hypertension-related existing publication and research in Indonesia. From the sixteen studies during the year 1999 untill 2015 and consisted 1 undergraduate paper, 2 theses and 16 research publications, 4 of them was conducted in the year of 2014. The amount of samples studied ranged from 30 up to 657 respondents and all of them were catagorized as primary data. Most of the research used cross sectional and case control design. In terms of literatures utilization, there were 2 to 37 domestic literature has been used while there were only 1 up to 24 international reference has been used for the studies. Several major hypertension risk factors in Indonesia were identified, including age, Body Mass Index and respondents smoking behavior.
Irul Hidayati, Esti Novi Andyarini
Journal of Health Science and Prevention, Volume 2, pp 42-47; doi:10.29080/jhsp.v2i1.113

Abstract:According to the World Health Organization, the anemia prevalence was estimated reach 9% in developed countries, while in developing countries reached 43%. The most-at-risk groups were children and women at fertile age, with an estimated prevalence of anemia in infants at 47%, pregnant women by 42%, and in non-pregnant women t ages 15-49 reached 30%. This was an observational analytic research with cross sectional approach. The purpose was to analyzed the relationship between the number of parity and the pregnancy age with the incidence of maternal anemia. The population in this study were 111 pregnant womens who checked their pregnancy to Public Healt Center (PHC) Kintamani 1 at Bangli regency, the province of Bali. The simple random sampling was used in the research with 87 peoples acted as research sample. Using Rank Spearman Correllation test, it was founded that there was a relationship between the number of parity with the incidence of maternal anemia a low relationship, and there was a relationship between gestational age with maternal anemia incidence with a low degree relationship.
Yana Listyawardhani, Farida Sukowati, Elisa Ulfiana
Journal of Health Science and Prevention, Volume 2, pp 36-41; doi:10.29080/jhsp.v2i1.88

Abstract:Hypothermia became one of the primary cause on the high babies mortality in Indonesia, with the occurrence percentage reached 6.8%. Hypothermia which became the cause of death was directly related to the low-level knowledge and attitude in the 0 to 28 days infants treatment. The research aimed to investigated the relationship between the mother’s knowledge on hypothermia with the their attitude in preventing hypothermia in infants at the ages 0 to 28 days Magersari Magelang Public Health Center working area. This is an observational analytic research with cross sectional design. Fifty-nine respondents acted as research sample and choosed with total sampling as a sampling technique and questionnaire as a research instrument. The Spearman’s Rank was used to analyzed the data. Respondents with a good knowledge about the hypothermia reached 32 peoples (68.2%) and 33 peoples (71.7%) have a positive attitude in the hypothermia prevention in infants with the ages 0 to 28 days. Spearman analysis generated 0.001 ρ value ( ρ < 0.05 ). The value of the correlation ( r ) reached 0.850, with the meaning there was a relationship between the mother knowledge of hypothermia with mother’s attitude in hypothermia prevention in infants at the ages 0 to 28 days.
Roiela Arfailasufandi, Funsu Andiarna
Journal of Health Science and Prevention, Volume 2, pp 27-35; doi:10.29080/jhsp.v2i1.107

Abstract:Chocolate contains copper which used by the body to synthesize collagen and neurotransmitters called endorphins. Endorphin hormone would be a analgesic and natural sedative so as to reduce the intensity of pain such as menstruation pain. Dark chocolate contains more cocoa, making it the best choice to get the health benefits. The purpose of this study was to investigated the influence of dark chocolate on reducing mentrual pain in primary dysmenorhea. Thestudy used a quasy-experimental research design to approach non-equivalent control group design. The research was conducted in August 2014 until September 2014 at the University of Muhammadiyah Malang. Acted as research sample, 40 students with dismenorhea primary were taken by purposive sampling technique which was divided into treatment group and control group. The independent variable of this study was the provision of dark chocolate and the intensity of menstrual pain on the student with primary dismenorhea became the dependent variable. Data was analyzed by independent t test. The results of the analysis using an independent t test be obtained significant in value (p) less than alpha (0.000
Dwi Rukma Santi, Eko Teguh Pribadi
Journal of Health Science and Prevention, Volume 2, pp 14-21; doi:10.29080/jhsp.v2i1.104

Abstract:Around seventy-five percent of the women on stage final teenagers experiencing disruptions associated with menstruation. Based on Clinical UINSA annual report of the period 2015 - 2017 shows that the number of cases of patients with menstrual disorders to increased. The onset of menstrual disorders will cause pain physically as well as lowering the learning capabilities of the student. The objectif of this study is to describe the conditions of menstrual disorders in patients treated at Clinic Primary UIN Sunan Ampel Surabaya. This was a descriptive research with materials taken from secondary data obtained from the medical record of patients who menstrual disorders during the period 2015 - 2017. The results showed that patients who menstrual disorders as many as 192 people. Characteristics that are experiencing menstrual disorders based on age at most in the age group 18 - 19 years old (45.32%), based on the age of menarche group 10 - 11 years old (62.50%), weight loss most (63%) are 46 – 55 kg, level semester part (44.30%) in semester 1 - 2. While the majority of cycle disorders (48.53%) is oligomenorea, long menstrual disorders is hipermenorea/menorhagia (64.52%) and other disorders are the most prevalent is dysmenorrhoea (68.05%).Needed for increased knowledge about various types of menstrual disorders so that the young women were able to recognize about reproductive health and preventive care.
Linda Prasetyaning Widayanti, Nova Lusiana, Estri Kusumawati
Journal of Health Science and Prevention, Volume 2, pp 22-26; doi:10.29080/jhsp.v2i1.115

Abstract:The existence of service quality that convenient with patient’s expectations would have a positive impact for the continuity of UIN Sunan Ampel’s clinic. Based on it, this research aimed to observed the level of patient satisfaction at UIN Sunan Ampel’s clinic and conducted with a Cross Sectional approach. The population of this study were all patients of UIN Sunan’s Clinic during May 2017. Sampling was collected by an incidental sampling. with 30 patients acted as respondents. The data was taken by questioner. The results of data collection were presented with frequency distribution tables in the form of graphs or diagrams. The survey results showed that the characteristics of the patient were 87% less than 20 years old, 70% female, 73% satisfied with clinical service, 87% satisfied with clinic service, 82% satisfied with the registration time at the clinic, 73% long service time of clinic pharmacy, 90% satisfied with clinical hygiene. It was expected that this research can be developed by further researchers for the better service quality at UIN Sunan Ampel’s clinic.
Funsu Andiarna
Journal of Health Science and Prevention, Volume 2, pp 8-13; doi:10.29080/jhsp.v2i1.110

Abstract:Among health disorders in women who were difficult to identify was a set of symptoms known as premenstrual syndrome. Approximately 80%-95% of women between the ages of 16 to 45 years experiencing an annoying premenstrual syndrome symptoms. Premenstrual syndrome can be triggered by several factors, mainly caused by stress. The purpose of this research was to investigated the correlation between the stress level with the incidence of premenstrual syndrome among college student. This was an observational analytical research with cross sectional approach. The research was conducted at State Islamic University Sunan Ampel Surabaya with 35 respondents acted as a research samples. The study used Chi-Square tes for bivariat analysis. The result showed that there was a meaningful correlation between the stress level with premenstrual syndrome (p = 0.040), confirming the stress variable as one of the factors that can lead to the occurrence of premenstrual syndrome. From this research concluded that the stress level must be well managed by the female college students so the incidence of premenstrual syndrome can be prevented.
Ika Mustika, Nova Lusiana, Estri Kusumawati, Risa Purnamasari
Journal of Health Science and Prevention, Volume 2, pp 1-7; doi:10.29080/jhsp.v2i1.112

Abstract:The menstrual cycle is a complex process involving hormones and reproductive organs. Hormonal changes that occur in the menstrual cycle result in changes in body basal temperature in women. Basal body temperatures can identify phase changes in one menstrual cycle. This study is to determine whether there is influence of decay of the endometrium wall against the basal body temperature in adolescent girls. This research is observational analytic with cross sectional time approach. This study was conducted on 60 samples with the age of 19-22 years. Data used in this research are primary data that is basal body temperature measurement and questioner. The analysis in this study is paired sample t test test using SPSS 16. The results obtained significance value of 0.003
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