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Mohammad Alfian
Jurnal MUDARRISUNA: Media Kajian Pendidikan Agama Islam, Volume 10; doi:10.22373/jm.v10i1.5251

Islam forbids a form of marriage which only aims temporarily, such as mut’ah marriage and muhalil marriage For that the need for planting Islamic religious education values in shaping the sakinah family of Quraish Shihab's perspective. This thesis is qualitative research (Library research). Data was collected by documentation, then the data was analyzed by Descriptive methods. According to the Quraish Shihab there is an important aspect that aims for a family to go to a sakinah family, namely by paying attention to things in the family which include leadership, and knowing the task - tasks from mother, father and child so that they can be affectionate, have each other so that they can create a feeling of calm so that they know how the functions that exist in a family. This concept aims at the couple and wife working together in fostering the household to make the family happy.
Chairan M Nur
Jurnal MUDARRISUNA: Media Kajian Pendidikan Agama Islam, Volume 10; doi:10.22373/jm.v10i1.6790

Certification is the process of giving educator certificates to teachers as recognition as professionals. Sometimes, the teacher in delivering material is difficult to accept or understand by student learning. This study aims to obtain information about the effect of certification on the professional competence of high school teachers in Aceh Jaya. The results showed a significant effect, it can be proven by the results of a questionnaire analysis of the variable professional competence of teachers and teacher certification. In the teacher professional competency variable, both planning indicators, implementation indicators, and assessment indicators are all very high criteria. Whereas the teacher certification variable shows that academic qualifications, teaching experience, planning and implementation of learning, assessments from superiors and supervisors, academic achievements, participation in scientific forums, the experience of being an organization administrator in the educational and social fields are all in the very high category, except education and training in the low category and professional development work and awards that are relevant to the education sector in the sufficient category.
Yudi Candra Hermawan, Wikanti Iffah Juliani, Hendro Widodo
Jurnal MUDARRISUNA: Media Kajian Pendidikan Agama Islam, Volume 10, pp 34-44; doi:10.22373/jm.v10i1.4720

The curriculum is a program that is planned and implemented to achieve goals. Therefore the implementation of an education requires a concept that functions to be a tool that can always be changed according to the times. This study analyzes the concepts of the curriculum and curriculum of Islamic Education which includes understanding, curriculum components, and characteristics. The method used in this study is the library research method and the results obtained that the curriculum includes a variety of detailed student activity plans in the form of educational materials, suggestions for teaching and learning strategies, program settings to be applied, and things that includes activities aimed at achieving the desired target/goal. Similarly, in the Islamic Education curriculum must pay attention to a number of things including in accordance with human nature, including the interests of Muslims in general, are realistic, comprehensive, and continuity.
Mulia Mulia
Jurnal MUDARRISUNA: Media Kajian Pendidikan Agama Islam, Volume 10; doi:10.22373/jm.v10i1.6792

The ability to determine learning resources/media/teaching aids is an indicator of pedagogical competence that must be possessed by every educator. There are teachers in the implementation of teaching and learning are still lacking in developing media. This quantitative research has two variables, namely the independent variable (X) and the dependent variable is (Y), to find the effect of variable X on the variable Y the author uses a simple linear regression test. The population in this study were certification teachers at West Aceh Junior High School. The data collection techniques of this study, to see the Pedagogical competence of teachers using interview techniques, while to see the effect of certification on the pedagogical competence of teachers using a questionnaire technique. The results of this study The teacher utilizes information and communication technology for the benefit of organizing learning activities that educate, how to facilitate the development of potential learners to actualize the various potentials they have, and how to evaluate learning by giving tests directly both in writing and orally at the end of each meeting. Based on the calculation of the results of data analysis, there is a relationship/correlation between teacher certification and teacher pedagogical competence, while the direction of correlation is positive between teacher certification and teacher pedagogical competence.
Syahraini Tambak, Desi Sukenti
Jurnal MUDARRISUNA: Media Kajian Pendidikan Agama Islam, Volume 10; doi:10.22373/jm.v10i1.5181

Emotional intelligence and teaching motivation contribute to developing teacher success using the lecture method. This research is very significant in exploring how the contribution of emotional intelligence and teaching motivation to the success of teachers in using the lecture method at Madrasah Tsanawiyah. This type of research is a correlation that aims to examine the effect of emotional intelligence and teacher motivation to use the lecture method. The subjects of this study were teachers of the field of Fiqh, al-Qur'an, Hadith, Morals, Islamic Cultural History, and Arabic, with a total population of 126 people and were studied in general. The questionnaire was used as a data collection technique and analyzed using the Multiple Linear Regression Test technique. It is produced that teachers who possess and master emotional intelligence and motivation to teach are able to build and develop the ability of teachers to use the lecture method in the learning process in madrasas.
M Yusuf
Jurnal MUDARRISUNA: Media Kajian Pendidikan Agama Islam, Volume 10; doi:10.22373/jm.v10i1.6791

The enrichment of teaching materials is a very important thing that must be done by subject teachers in order to improve the quality of good and quality education. The research subjects in this study were high school Islamic religious education teachers in the 2019-2020 school year. Descriptive analytical research uses observation and interview data collection techniques. Analysis through three stages, namely Data Reduction, data presentation, and drawing conclusions. The results showed that the development of teaching materials that teachers develop materials using media in accordance with the material to be taught. Teachers in enriching teaching materials include giving examples, directly practicing teaching materials, using media, using media that has been available in schools in the form of printed materials in the form of books, pictures, maps while other materials or materials conveyed are recorded on the blackboard. Barriers faced by the teacher in enriching teaching materials other than the teacher's own knowledge about the development of teaching materials, laboratory-based learning infrastructure facilities are also not available.
Abdul Haris Hasmar
Jurnal MUDARRISUNA: Media Kajian Pendidikan Agama Islam, Volume 10, pp 15-33; doi:10.22373/jm.v10i1.6789

Learning the History of Islamic Culture in Madrasas must be oriented, meaningful, and relevant to the times. Learning does not work well without using methods according to the material being taught. Learning the history of Islamic culture at this time has not been running as it should, as students' perceptions of learning the history of Islamic culture are boring. This study basically examines the problematics of learning the history of Islamic culture in Madrasah Aliyah in Aceh Jaya. The formulation of the problem what problems are faced in learning as well as what steps are taken in overcoming the problem of learning the history of Islamic culture ?. The results showed that students' perceptions of learning the history of Islamic culture were less interesting and could even be said to be boring. In order to improve the persession, there have been several attempts by teachers in the study of the history of Islamic culture in Madrasas. The efforts made by the teacher are 1) improving the learning strategy, the teacher of Islamic cultural history subjects has tried to do creativity, namely using a variety of methods, of course, student-centered; 2) provide motivation to learn every time a meeting; 3) assessing the process at each meeting; 4) using an individual, educational, experience and historical approach.
Nuristiqamah Awaliyahputri B
Jurnal MUDARRISUNA: Media Kajian Pendidikan Agama Islam, Volume 10; doi:10.22373/jm.v10i1.4583

Through field study, it was found that some students who did PPL is not mastering the basic skill of teaching maximally. If the PPL students master the basic skill of teaching maximally, they will used as a refference to become the real educator, not only know the theory but also could be successfully apply it as practices. The aim of this research is to map the PPL students mastery of basic teaching. The type of this research was descriptive qualitative with study case as the strategy of the research. This research take place at MA Madani Alauddin Paopao, Gowa regency, Makassar city. Sources of this research are Students, tutor, and documents. Research instruments are observation checklist, students’ guideline, and documentation checklist. As the result, researcher found that PPL students’ teaching skill mastery is fairly good, namely opening skills lessons, skill to provide reinforcement, skills of teaching variations, skills to guide small group discussions, as well as small group and individual teaching skill. Component basic teaching skills that are not good, namely skills advanced questioning, explaining skills, and classroom management skills.
Mohammad Salehudin
Jurnal MUDARRISUNA: Media Kajian Pendidikan Agama Islam, Volume 10, pp 1-14; doi:10.22373/jm.v10i1.6755

The purpose of this study was to find out how teachers as users of social media adopted it into e-learning in distance learning (PJJ) due to the impact of co-19. This research uses a quantitative approach with a survey method. The instruments in this study used a valid instrument from UEQ which was translated into Indonesian, which has 6 scales and 26 items, submitted in digital form via Google form. Participants in this study were 43 PAI teachers chosen randomly. This research describes a descriptively quantitative mean, variance, and standard deviation values. The results found each of the six scales was Attractiveness with a mean value of 1.73 being in the Good benchmark category, Perspicuity 1.56 Above Average, Efficiency (Efficiency) ) 1.87 Excellent, Dependability 1.42 Above average, Stimulation 1.86 Excellent and Novelty 1.34 Good. The conclusion was drawn that teachers as users of social media who were adopted into e-learning at PJJ when the pandemic Covid-19 Indonesia was above good grades and even excellent. It can be said that the PAI teacher has the ability to use good social media even excellent (very well) which he adopted as e-learning in PJJ.
Wahab Wahab, Hariansyah Hariansyah, Dewi Nurhayati
Jurnal MUDARRISUNA: Media Kajian Pendidikan Agama Islam, Volume 10, pp 45-59; doi:10.22373/jm.v10i1.4788

Safar is one month in the Hijriyah Calendar. The Arabs since the time of Jahiliyah consider the safar month to be an unlucky month. This is still followed by some parts of the Melayu Sungai Jambu community. The community carries out the tradition of safar bathing and other rituals to obtain safety and avoiding bad luck on the safar month. Qualitative research using ethnographic methods determines the subject of religious leaders and traditional leaders, the techniques used to obtain information or data are non-participant observation, telephone interviews, and direct interviews. The results of this study that for the Melayu Sungai Jambu community to read congratulations and refuse prayers is a form of confidence to be saved from disaster and illness in the month of safar. Then read surah al-Fatihah, al-Ikhlas, an-Naas and al-Falak get a reward from Allah SWT. Furthermore, the safar bath is also a purified part of the reinforcements and diseases, besides that, it also removes odors, dust, and moisturizes the skin. However, the belief of the Sungai Jambu Malay community towards the safari month that brought disaster and disease contradicts the theory of Educational Theology and authentic Hadith about the safar month.
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