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Fahua Qiu
Open Journal of Political Science, Volume 11, pp 155-168; doi:10.4236/ojps.2021.111010

Since the easing trend of the situation of the Korean peninsula in 2018, active and positive changes have occurred in the bilateral relationship between North Korea and South Korean/the US/China as well as between China and South Korea. In this scenario, the bilateral relationship between North Korea and South Korea or the US has been considered to be the main avenue to resolve the North Korean nuclear issues. However, in essence, the formation and development of the North Korean nuclear issues are the consequences of the multilateral factors, which also embody the limitations of the bilateral relations of North Korea and the US/South Korea. The future complete resolution of the North Korea nuclear issues should be dependent on the framework of multilateralism driven by the bilateral relations.
Óscar García Agustín
Open Journal of Political Science, Volume 11, pp 193-214; doi:10.4236/ojps.2021.112013

With the publication of Empire, Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri announced a new form of sovereignty, Empire, which implied moving from nation-state sovereignty to global sovereignty. This paper revises some of the main aspects of the theory to understand Imperial sovereignty as well as its post-territorial political community of resistance, multitude. In this critical reading of some of Hardt and Negri’s concepts, sovereignty is conceived as two-sided: a conflictual relationship between the one who rules and those who are ruled. This conflictual approach implies the revitalization of popular sovereignty (as opposed to the constituted order) and of territory, albeit not limited to the nation-state. As a result, an alternative framework is offered to explain the existing forms of sovereignties consisting of three elements: multi-scalar sovereignty, interdependence and intersectional political community. This approach, rather than taking the point of view of the states, explores the forms of sovereignty promoted by social movements and civil society in general.
Adenike Adeseye
Open Journal of Political Science, Volume 11, pp 99-122; doi:10.4236/ojps.2021.111007

Remittance inflows have been increasing significantly in Nigeria over the past decades. They are becoming one of the most constant sources of economic growth and development. This research work examined migrants’ remittance and economic growth in Nigeria. Remittance inflow was used as dependent variable and gross domestic products, inflation, imports and exports were independent variables. In this study, secondary data were utilized. The study employs annual data obtained from world development and international financial statistics which covers the period of 29 years (1990-2018). Quantitative data collected were evaluated through descriptive statistics; and the hypotheses formulated were tested with the use of multiple linear regressions which includes ANOVA, Correlation, and Coefficient. And this was done with the aid of SPSS version 21. From the findings of the study and the tested hypotheses, it was discovered that significant relationship exists between remittance and gross domestic product, exports and imports in Nigeria while inflation has no significant relationship with remittance. The study therefore proffers some recommendations towards utilizing influx of remittance for economic growth in Nigeria.
Geert Roovers, Michael Duijn
Open Journal of Political Science, Volume 11, pp 1-11; doi:10.4236/ojps.2021.111001

Subsoil interventions in the Netherlands, such as gas and oil extraction, thermal energy extraction or CO2-storage, cause tensions. Planning leads to local resistance, debate and often delay or cancelling of initiatives. The central characteristics of this planning are the main cause. As the transition to sustainable energy asks for more interventions in the subsoil, these tensions get problematic, and hinder the transition. In this article, we investigate this problematic nature of central public planning of subsoil interventions in the Netherlands. We do this by using a network management perspective and local acceptance theory and researching two cases. We conclude that a more prominent role of local actors, using localism and soft power, is crucial. With this article, we want to contribute to national and international discussions about the planning and governance of subsoil initiatives and strengthening of local involvement in these.
Jaime Espejel-Mena
Open Journal of Political Science, Volume 11, pp 54-72; doi:10.4236/ojps.2021.111005

The performance of weak democratic governments provides the conditions for business elites or political parties to isolate or focus public goods on society. The relationship between the State and society is nourished by positive freedoms and dignifies them, however, a government is required that amalgamates the objectives of the State, public services to the needs of the population, social capital, and limits negative freedoms. The objective of this article is to analyze the problems of governments in their national and local spheres, to consolidate their democracy through electoral or political channels and then to ensure a required capacity to satisfy the provision of services—formal arrangements—to demonstrate a efficiency, capacity and coherence to govern with mechanisms that demonstrate decisional capacity that consolidates democratic life.
Rizwan Rafi Togoo, Farah Hanim Binti Mohamed Ismail
Open Journal of Political Science, Volume 11, pp 12-20; doi:10.4236/ojps.2021.111002

This research has discussed the background and factors that caused the Rohingya humanitarian crisis, which forced tens of thousands of Rohingya men, women, and children to flee oppression in the Rakhine state. The information gathered from the personal interviews conducted for research purposes gave us a brief historical background of the conflict. This study employed a qualitative method of research. It aims to analyze the difficulties the Rohingya refugees face by taking the individual stories of human beings. We also analyze the civil society’s steps, the government of Malaysia, and other organizations, both governmental and non-governmental, to assist the Rohingya refugees in tackling these issues. The study recommends that the Malaysian government should make efforts to provide education, financial support, and jobs to Rohingya refugees, giving them the right to live a better life.
Aigul Musaeva, Salmorbekova Rita, Kunduzkhan Karimova, Zhypargul Abdullaeva
Open Journal of Political Science, Volume 11, pp 123-133; doi:10.4236/ojps.2021.111008

In this article, the authors consider qualimetric assessment of public services as one of parameters for social policy effectiveness in Kyrgyzstan. The relevance in this work is based on analysis of the received information materials, improving the mechanisms of activity and modernizing the assessment of the efficiency index of local self-government to provide a new approach to measuring the analysis and improve social policy in the provision of public services, which can subsequently provide support in solving social, political and economic problems. In the government municipal service, the qualimerty method is not used for assessment of the population satisfaction in providing the governmental services; therefore, provision of standardization is considered as new approach.
Gulsara Kuldysheva, Rustam Mamazakirov, Dinara Shookumova, Dinara Dzhunusova, Nurabidin Marazykov, Gulnaz Chynykeeva, Feruza Tanatarova, Elnura Toktobaeva, Amanbek Kuldyshev, Zhypargul Abdullaeva
Open Journal of Political Science, Volume 11, pp 169-175; doi:10.4236/ojps.2021.111011

The article analyzes legislations regulating women social rights, noted that there are certain restrictions in the legislation. The rights caused by the lack of registration, mainly related to social or economic rights are: the right to work, the right to own and dispose of property, the right to social security, and the right to medical care. Legislative norms, social rights, marriage, family relations, divorce, reproductive health, economic rights and domestic violence explained. Research methods were based on the Legislative norms overview in the Kyrgyz Republic Law, and literature analyses.
Michael Nemeth
Open Journal of Political Science, Volume 11, pp 242-250; doi:10.4236/ojps.2021.112016

At the height of the Cold War a dispute between the People’s Republic of China and the Soviet Union nearly escalated into an all-out war that could have enveloped the entire globe. A border conflict between the two nations over disputed territories served as a flash point in the Cold War similar to the Cuban Missile Crisis. Amid growing tensions between the two nations, the border conflict severed ties and shifted the bipolar power paradigm. After severing ties with the Soviet Union, China looked towards rapprochement with United States. The significance of the conflict during the Cold War is far reaching considering the ideological shift that has led China to becoming the global power it is today. Examining what led to the conflict and the conflict itself, various international relations theories can be applied. A theoretical analysis of the conflict supports the successful use of deterrence by each nation and provides evidence to the clash of civilizations theory as causation for the conflict.
Nathan J. Edwards, Brian Colder, Jon Sullivan, Laura Naramore
Open Journal of Political Science, Volume 11, pp 176-191; doi:10.4236/ojps.2021.111012

Airborne contaminants from viral pathogens, biological weapons, wildfires, industrial accidents, and other sources present a complex policy and technology challenge for the public sector health and safety. During the global pandemic that began in early 2020, indoor air quality has become a focal point for companies and communities who seek affordable, technically sound processes to evaluate and mitigate threats to air quality in their work environments. This paper provides an overview of methods derived from observations of more than 190 scientific experiments to evaluate indoor air quality effects from wearing face masks and in public transportation vehicles. The methods can be adapted for locally administered indoor air quality programs, including high-risk environments such as nursing homes, schools, office areas, and public transportation. The approach follows an Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) hazards-control process and includes surveys, analysis and decisions based on science and mitigation selection, as well as a detailed description of implementing reduced-cost field testing.
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