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Chikashi Tsuji
Journal of Management Research, Volume 14, pp 37-45;

This study examines stock return discontinuities in the Japanese banking sector, and we derive the following interest findings. First, our statistical tests evidence that our extended econometric model incorporating a fat-tailed and skewed density and considering return discontinuities is highly effective for estimating the Japanese banking sector stock return volatilities more accurately. Second, the estimated volatilities for the Japanese banking sector stock returns from our extended model incorporating a fat-tailed and skewed density and considering return discontinuities sharply increase during the Lehman crisis and the European debt crisis and at the time of Brexit and the COVID-19 crisis.
Tuba Nafees Bajwa, Dr. Muhammad Shafiq, Dr. Khalid Hafeez
Journal of Management Research, Volume 14;

The main purpose of this research is to look into the link between corporate entrepreneurship and financial performance in Pakistani manufacturing firms. Corporate entrepreneurship is becoming increasingly popular among huge corporations. The idea is employed in major corporations to stimulate innovation or to improve the company's performance. Existing companies' new ventures confront numerous obstacles, and data suggests that the majority of them fail. For large corporations, corporate entrepreneurship is very important. This is a quantitative study that used a questionnaire research methodology since it was deemed appropriate for this type of research.The respondents were chosen from the manufacturing sector of the Lahore Chamber of Commerce using simple random sampling. The study's target population was managers in Pakistan's manufacturing industry. This study employed a sample size of 307 people from a population of 10,000. The validity and reliability of the research instruments utilised in the study were tested in a pilot study. The Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) was used to analyse the study's findings (SPSS version 21). For assessing associations between variables, the researchers utilised the Pearson-Correlation Coefficient and the Multiple Linear Regression Model.The study established that corporate entrepreneurship dimensions (innovation, new business ventures, strategic renewal, pro-activeness, risk-taking, and autonomy) were found to have a statistically significant link with financial performance in the study. Strategic renewal and autonomy were also found to have a high relationship with financial performance in the study. According to the findings, corporate entrepreneurship features such as innovation, new business ventures, risk-taking, strategic renewal, pro-activeness, and autonomy have a favourable impact on manufacturing companies' financial performance in Pakistan.The report suggests that managers in Pakistan's manufacturing sector concentrate on corporate entrepreneurship characteristics. You'll need a goal and a plan if you want your corporate entrepreneurship attempts to succeed. Open to risk, encourage partnerships, create skills and expertise, offer management assistance, allow access to critical resources, maintain a supportive organisational structure, and set realistic performance targets are all characteristics of the most successful entrepreneurial cultures. For the best results, don't forget to analyse your entrepreneurial environment on a frequent basis.
Gilles Paché
Journal of Management Research, Volume 14, pp 1-12;

Woke culture is spreading rapidly on North American campuses, and it is beginning to be discussed in Europe, particularly in France, within various universities. The advocates of wokism want to make people aware of the relationships of domination and social injustice induced by the political system in place. For the moment, research in management seems to escape the evils of woke culture syndrome in its most extreme manifestations (censorship, cancel culture, online harassment, etc.). The scope of this research note is to underline that the threat is credible, taking the case of research in logistics management. From a methodological point of view, an analysis of works using logistics to better understand societal phenomena allows us to identify “sensitive” topics, addressed by previous academic contributions, that may be difficult to address in the coming years under the pressure of wokism. The findings highlight two results concerning logistics: a framework for reading historical phenomena differently; and a framework for better understanding the sex industry. The main limitation is that the research note focuses only on four examples; from this point of view, perspectives are opened for a systematic analysis of the risks that wokism presents for research in management.
Andy Andy, Hengky S. H.
Journal of Management Research, Volume 13, pp 57-69;

This research has been conducting before and during the Covid 19 pandemic and aims to test the effect of the Return on Equity (ROE) to the Price Book Value (PBV) of toll road subsector’s companies, airports, and the like on the Indonesian Stock Exchange (ISE) for 6 years in Indonesia. This type of research uses quantitative research and is equipped with verification with an explanatory survey method. The sampling method used a purposive. It took from five sample companies. Data analysis in this study used panel data regression with the results: The results of this study indicate that ROE has a strong effect on firm value.
Rumana Afroze, Sujana Shafi
Journal of Management Research, Volume 13, pp 20-56;

This study’s purpose and strategies are to unwrap factors for the adoption of digital marketing strategies in the success of e-recruitment in Bangladesh. It also focuses on organizational perception, brand value, candidate and employer e- recruitment decisions in Bangladesh. In order to achieve the research objectives, a quantitative research has been done. A total of 138 human resource professionals from eleven prestigious job sectors in Bangladesh were contacted to participate in this study’s survey. To conduct the research, a structured questionnaire was used. The collected data was analyzed using statistical analysis. Statistical tests like, descriptive analysis, reliability correlations, factor analysis and regression test were used to pursue the objective of analysis. The result has proved that adoption of digital marketing has significant impact on e- recruitment effectiveness. This study has practical implications for especially human resource departments and marketing managers and, such as the implementation of an integrated digital marketing and communication strategy with successful HR e-recruitment. This research incorporates digital marketing insights into well-established HRM fields.
Ming-Ling Chuang, Alexandra Galli-Debicella, Xiaoqi Han
Journal of Management Research, Volume 13, pp 1-19;

Leaders have a significant role in teams and groups, as they affect employee performance, motivation, and productivity. Given the significant position that leaders occupy in teams and group projects, this paper argues that it is important to simultaneously examine how trust in a leader, team interactions, and team performance interact with each other. Specifically, we formulated three hypotheses: First, we predicted a positive relationship between the level of trust that team members have in their team leader and the level of team performance; second, we predicted a positive relationship between the level of trust in a leader and the level of team interactions; last, we predicted that increased trust in a leader will increase team interactions and team performance. To test the model, we utilized data from 112 MBA students engaged in a web-based simulation game wherein students develop and execute the strategies for manufacturing and distributing a product. We used structural equation modeling to test these hypotheses. Our results support the importance and value of leader trust in team interactions. The results also indicate that team interaction positively influences team performance. However, they do not support our hypothesis that trust in a leader will positively influence team performance.
Hossein Jamshidi, Emeka Dunu, Guy Posey
Journal of Management Research, Volume 13, pp 18-34;

This empirical study deals with integration of Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) with multi-item inventory management using Part-Period Algorithm. Among many variables which affects inventory systems, this study considers the variables of lot-sizing rules, sequencing, demand pattern, coefficient of variations, and change over cost. AHP is used to pick a sequencing rule and performance criteria. This study describes the application of AHP methodology in the form of multiple tables that will assist production managers in a Group Technology environment, to minimize employee and machine idleness. It will help managers make decisions on production order quantity, the sequence in which jobs should enter work centers, and in the determination of uniform production cycle times.
Jean Michel Chapuis
Journal of Management Research, Volume 13, pp 1-17;

When confronting discriminations during the buying process, the consumers may perceive unfair transactions and some untrustworthy providers. Price steering is a common manipulation of listing offers tailored to a customer’s request. The consumers receive a same-products list in a different order for the same query on e-shop. The study questions whether its performance is related to discrimination among consumers. This paper mobilizes the theory of Justice to explore perceptions of fairness and trust in the practice of price steering. The proposed framework states that the post-purchase stage reveals perceptions intervening in the effect of price steering on willingness to pay.An experiment with a total 883 respondents is simulating an online shopping. The list of options shown online is manipulated. This study documents the main effect of price steering such as a higher willingness to pay and driving online purchasers toward certain choices. This effect is found to generate up to 20% of extra revenue. The analysis also finds a negative influence on perceptions with no difference between the discriminated segments of the market. Implications for researchers and managers: the pricing schemes should be carefully tailored to maintain fairness, as well as profitability, by considering rate parity across online channels and purchasing experiences.
Atiqur Rahman Sarker, Tariq Salameh Alharfi Al-Bluwi
Journal of Management Research, Volume 13, pp 35-45;

Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) is booming in Malaysia and this sector also has many challenges. SME becomes sustainable and successful venture when the innovation and creativity are considered largely in doing the business. Soft skills are essential in this regard since it requires human relations in every business transaction. The objective of this research is to explore the role of various soft skills and their relations with innovation in the SME sector in Malaysia. For the methodology, the research used the inductive approach by performing six In-depth Interviews following Yin (2003). The results of this research have identified that communication, teamwork, leadership, critical thinking, positive attitudes, flexibility, and adaptability are the most used soft skills that help the entrepreneurs to be innovative and being successful in SME sectors in Malaysia. The results of this study will help the entrepreneurs in Malaysia to understand the essential soft skills for them to push towards innovative results. This one of the few qualitative research that comprehensively explores the relation between soft skills and innovation in Malaysia.
Chikashi Tsuji
Journal of Management Research, Volume 13, pp 1-15;

This study examines the Japanese equity returns and return premia by focusing on firm size- and corporate operating profitability-sorted portfolios over the period from 1990 to 2020. As a result of our explorations, this study derives the following much beneficial findings. (1) The effects of corporate operating profitability and firm size are generally continuously seen in the Japanese equity market. More specifically, (2) the size effect is much stronger in our latter half sub-period; while the operating profitability effect is similarly seen in both our former half and latter half sub-periods. Furthermore, (3) we stress that this study employs the data in US dollars, and calculates several key statistics and measures for not only our full sample period but also many different sub-periods, in which economic and business circumstances are much different. Therefore, for both Japanese and international equity investors, our findings shall be highly useful for enriching and furthering the understanding of returns and return premia of Japanese equity portfolios.
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