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Lhajoui H, Bounnit I, Moussali N, Merzem A, Amriss O, Belgadir H, Elbenna N
Archives of Case Reports, Volume 5, pp 034-036;

The case report presents a neuromyelitis optica in a 19 years old male. Brain and spinal cord MRI showed bilateral optic neuropathy, multiphasic demyelinating process involving the cervical and thoracic spinal cord. Cerebrospinal fluid showed negative NMO Ig G. We will describe the radiological aspect of neuromyelitis optica with a review of the literature.
Jegaden Margaux, Debras Elodie, Pourcelot Anne-Gaëlle, Neveu Marie-Emmanuelle, Capmas Perrine, Fernandez Hervé
Archives of Case Reports, Volume 5, pp 032-033;

Video objective: To demonstrate that surgical technique of vaginal cervicoisthmic cerclage must be performed in women with history of cervical incompetence with more than two late miscarriages before 24 weeks or premature deliveries before 28 weeks and after prior failure of preventive Mc Donald cerclage. In this video, the authors describe the complete procedure in 8 steps to standardize and facilitate the procedure in a simple and safe way during pregnancy. Design: Step-by-step video demonstration of the surgical technique. Setting: Tertiary Center for University Hospital.
Monti Valentina, Serpenti Fabio, Farina Lucia, Moiraghi Maria Luisa, Testi Maria Adele, Pruneri Giancarlo
Archives of Case Reports, Volume 5, pp 028-031;

Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL) is a common clonal neoplasm of small, mature B-lymphocytes. CLL is a heterogeneous disease with different clinical presentation, response to treatment and survival.
Ayadi Mohamed Firas, Hajri Mohamed, Talbi Ghofran, Mestiri Hafedh, Bayar Rached
Archives of Case Reports, Volume 5, pp 027-027;

A 38-year-old woman with no past medical history presented to the emergency room with dyspnea, fever and upper left abdominal pain.
, Boumsong Batamag Jean Baptiste, Engbang Jean Paul, Djomo Dominique, Ngaroua Esdras, Landenne Jacques, Tsiagadigui Jean Gustave
Archives of Case Reports, Volume 5, pp 023-026;

We describe a new case of duodenal wound with complete transection in a 22-year-old patient following a motorcycle accident. He presented to the emergency room of the rural Regional Hospital of Edéa in Cameroon with a clinical picture of acute abdomen and post-trauma hemodynamic instability. A peritoneal puncture brought back an incoagulable blood. An exploratory laparotomy revealed a large hemoperitoneum mixed with food debris. A tear of the omentum and transverse mesocolon and a complete section of the third duodenum at the beginning of its free portion were observed. The surgeon performed emergency closure of both duodenal stumps and performed an isoperistaltic lateral gastrojejunal bypass. A transfer to a specialized center for a more anatomical continuity was considered, but the imminence of a humanitarian mission in the hospital prompted the surgeon to seize the opportunity of this mission for the reoperation. This surgical revision was performed on the fifth postoperative day. A resection of the distal duodenal stump and the adjacent jejunal segment including the anastomosis was performed. Continuity was restored by a mechanical duodenal-jejunal anastomosis. The patient was discharged on the 18th postoperative day. This type of lesion is difficult to manage in an emergency situation in a structure with limited technical resources. Unfortunately, surgeons treating polytraumatized civilians are encountering an increasing number of blunt duodenal wounds requiring laborious management.
Agbaje Jimoh Olubanwo, Mohamad El Moheb, Diederich Henri
Archives of Case Reports, Volume 5, pp 014-020;

The aim of this publication is to present case reports to show what is possible with pterygoid implants for the rehabilitation of edentulous space in the jaw (maxilla) while avoiding sinus lifts and bone grafting procedures. In addition, the added value of one-piece implants for screwed retention is elucidated.
, Kwiatek Renata, El-Hassanieh Izabela, Ziółkowski Piotr
Archives of Case Reports, Volume 5, pp 012-013;

A case of oncocytic papillary cystadenoma in a 72-year old woman, a rare tumor of laryngeal seromucinous glands of unclear nature is presented. The patient had a history of chronic inflammation of laryngeal mucosa and both her age and tumor location were typical. The lesion was resected transorally without complications. Histological findings are shown in the present study. The controversial status of oncocytic papillary cystadenoma as either a true neoplasm or a combination of metaplastic and hyperplastic changes, its resemblance to Warthin’s tumor and optimal approach to treatment are discussed.
, Goel Divya, Singh Akanksha, Babu Suresh, Singh Vishwajeet
Archives of Case Reports, Volume 5, pp 009-011;

Bladder carcinomas have a great propensity for divergent differentiation with more that 90% being Transitional cell carcinoma. Several histological variants have been have described so far; they are not only morphologically unique but also have significant prognostic and therapeutic differences making their timely identification of paramount importance. Osteoclastic giant cell variant of urothelial carcinoma is very rare type with controversial management. Studies from China have documented higher incidence and severity of illness in COVID-19 positive cancer patients. We report an unusual case of Osteoclastic giant cell variant of urothelial carcinoma in a 63 yrs old male patient associated with simultaneous COVID-19 infection.
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