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Natalia Fursina
International Journal of Innovative Technologies in Economy; doi:10.31435/rsglobal_ijite/30032021/7502

The article examines current trends in the development of the global market of military-technical products. The author draws attention to the steady growth dynamics of purchases of military-industrial products in the world. The article describes key global trends in the development of promising innovative developments of dual-use goods. Since the end of the Cold War, global military research and development (R & D) has found itself in a situation of declining demand for its products. During this period, there was a reduction in military spending in the former Soviet Union and in many other countries. The United States of America has become the undisputed leader in the global market of the military-industrial complex (MIC). The author analyzed the dynamics of us spending in the late 1990s and early 2000s and showed in tables the increase in the gap in spending on the US military-industrial complex and the rest of the world. The article says that some of the civilian R & D is funded from private sources, because large companies have sufficient budgets to finance R & D. In general, the differences between civilian and military production lines have decreased – there is a trend of dual use of products. The author emphasizes that due to the increase in the share of civilian R & D, military R & D has undergone major structural changes in most countries. The study tracks changes in customer priorities in the military-industrial sector, the emergence of new, relevant products and services. The article examines the current trend of involving civilian producers in the development of Defense and security policies, cooperation with defense institutions and non-governmental organizations. The dynamism of scientific and technological progress requires monitoring the competitive positions of national producers in the military-industrial complex sector. The article also analyzes promising areas and key future trends in the development of the global military-industrial complex market.
Gunay Sharbat Gizi Agayeva
International Journal of Innovative Technologies in Economy; doi:10.31435/rsglobal_ijite/30032021/7501

The communication between family members has a significant impact on their mental health. The family relationships help children develop healthy personalities. Children who grow up in relationships based on mutual respect, love, tolerance and self-sacrifice develop healthy personalities. Children suffer the most from communication disorders. When a child sees his parents discussing their problems and solving them in a positive way, he finds an opportunity to prepare for the problems he may face in his future life. The goal of this research - to study the influence of the family environment on the formation of a child's personality, to obtain scientific and theoretical knowledge on the elimination of family conflicts that affect the development of children, refraining from arguments in the presence of children and creating favorable conditions for communication. Research methodology - approaches and ideas put forward in classical and modern psychology, applicable to family relationships and their influence on the formation of a child's personality, theories based on the study of problems related to the development of a child's personal qualities. The study analyzed family upbringing, influencing the formation of the personality of children, the attitude of parents to children and the parents among themselves, and positive and negative results were also identified.
Panchenko Olha
International Journal of Innovative Technologies in Economy; doi:10.31435/rsglobal_ijite/30032021/7500

У статті досліджено місце інноваційної діяльності у процесі життєвого циклу підприємства. Наведено особливості побудови управлінського обліку в сільськогосподарських підприємствах із використанням інновацій. Визначено місце інноваційної діяльності в процесі провадження господарської діяльності сільськогосподарським суб’єктом господарювання. Установлено, що між управлінським облік та інноваційними агротехнологіями існує взаємодія, побудована на основі двостороннього взаємозв’язку та безпосереднього впливу один на одного. Розроблено блок-схему побудови та функціонування управлінського обліку у взаємодії та взаємозалежності з усіма компонентами підприємства як єдиного цілісного механізму, яка дозволяє визначити особливості впровадження інноваційних агротехнологій. Графічно зображено схематичне співвідношення доходів і витрат при впровадженні інноваційних агротехнологій. Запропоновано класифікацію доходів і витрат за рядом ознак щодо упровадження інноваційних агротехнологій, виходячи з особливостей середньостатистичного сільськогосподарського суб’єкта господарювання.
Akima Ahmadova Amir, Saadat Zeynalova Cumshud, Arif Ibayev Akif, Nigar Alizade Mehman
International Journal of Innovative Technologies in Economy; doi:10.31435/rsglobal_ijite/30032021/7499

The economy of any state cannot exist in isolation and needs investments, both external and internal. Only by creating suitable conditions for attracting investment, the state will ultimately be able to boast of the accelerated rates of development of all sectors of the economy. This article examines the role and importance of marketing in investing in the non-oil sector. The author reveals the essence of investment marketing, presents the elements of the marketing complex in relation to enterprises that have set themselves the goal of attracting investors.
Abil Suleymanov
International Journal of Innovative Technologies in Economy; doi:10.31435/rsglobal_ijite/30032021/7498

In the modern economy, the problems associated with transport logistics (TL) have become important. The strategic goal of the TS is to increase the level of competitiveness of firms in the market, as a result of which, TL is that special direction of the economy, which will contribute to the growth of its level of efficiency and lead to high commercial results. A consistent assessment of the effectiveness of the functioning of the enterprise's TL is a guide to its activities, since the results of the assessment help managers to identify complex components of the system and make optimal management decisions. All this leads to the need to develop assessment mechanisms that will help to calculate the level and degree of efficiency of the TL functioning, because modern assessment methods do not make it possible to identify the integral level of TL efficiency based on the TL efficiency levels. Consequently, the development of a systematic assessment of the effectiveness of TL, based on identifying the levels of efficiency of subsystems, plays a major role in finding its place in the market. A systematic approach to assessing the effectiveness of TL functioning is confirmed by a logistic approach to their management, as well as the properties they own. The significance of the research is confirmed by the fact that the development and improvement of methods for assessing the effectiveness of THB processes in a firm contributes to the implementation of specific use of theoretical provisions in the activities of commercial entities of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
Ilhama Isgandarova
International Journal of Innovative Technologies in Economy; doi:10.31435/rsglobal_ijite/30032021/7497

The methodology for assessing the quality of public service at catering firms should be based on a comparison of consumer expectations and perceptions in relation to the service process, that is, the quality coefficient is determined as the difference between perception and expectations. In this case, the quality factor can be determined both by the indicator of interest and by the enterprise as a whole. Consequently, the criteria for assessing the quality of public service at catering establishments must be formed taking into account its type and class. To obtain primary information from consumers, it is necessary to organize and conduct a sociological study. When choosing a method of sociological research, it is advisable to give preference to interviews, since this is a rather flexible method of collecting information, based on direct contact between the interviewer and the respondent. The main advantage of the interview, in comparison with the questionnaire, is the ability to control the perception and understanding of the questions by the respondent; if necessary, the interviewer can explain the questions asked, and also clarify the respondent's point of view with the help of additional questions.When conducting a sociological research by the interview method, the requirements for the formation of a questionnaire are significantly reduced. The list of questions asked to respondents should be expanded with personal questions, the purpose of which is to reflect: age, social status, average monthly income. These questions are necessary to represent the target group of consumers of public catering services.
Kinzerska Nataliya
International Journal of Innovative Technologies in Economy; doi:10.31435/rsglobal_ijite/30032021/7495

Identification, documenting and reliable assessment of risks of an enterprise foreign economic activity is a prerequisite for effective and stable operation of a business entity. The need to reflect the consequences of risks of foreign economic activity and measures undertaken to minimize them in order to avoid losses and negative results from foreign economic transactions necessitated the development of a risk-oriented accounting system of foreign economic activity of an entity. The article presents the main components of a risk-oriented accounting system. With the purpose of forming a proper documentation of foreign economic transactions in terms of risk, the forms of primary and consolidated documents are proposed. The usage of the devised forms of primary documents provides the formation of the essential informational basis to assess their impact on the performance of the enterprise. In order to reflect properly the consequences of risks and measures taken to minimize them, the main methods of assessing the risks of foreign economic activity are identified and methodological support for quantitative assessment of foreign trade risks is proposed, taking into account the probability of their occurrence and impact on foreign trade performance.
Tamar Meskhishvili, Isabella Perishvili
International Journal of Innovative Technologies in Economy; doi:10.31435/rsglobal_ijite/30032021/7496

Tourism is one of the most important fields of the world economy. In recent years, world tourism has been a direction of special priority and the attention to it has increased considerably. The importance of tourism to the World Heritage was gradually increasing, which changed both opportunities and danger. The World Heritage Center was tasked with developing a solid World Heritage Tourism Development Program. The purpose of this program is to help the World Heritage Committee and the management of the facilities use tourism as a positive factor in preserving the world heritage and mitigating the expected threats. Although there are suitable environmental conditions for the development of tourism in the world, it is significantly affected by such risks as: climate, natural disasters, political situation, various viruses, pandemics, etc. This kind of risk that fundamentally changed tourism around the world today is COVID-19, to which our article is dedicated.
Gunel Safarova
International Journal of Innovative Technologies in Economy; doi:10.31435/rsglobal_ijite/30032021/7472

The article discusses the features of the development of leasing, taking into account international experience. Based on the experience of the American and Western European leasing market, analysis of the operating activities of foreign leasing companies, the theoretical foundations of investment financing from external financial sources using the international leasing mechanism are presented. The article reveals the features of the investment financing mechanism based on the international leasing scheme, taking into account the acceptability of financing conditions, both for the enterprise-lessee and for the company-lessor. Attention is drawn to the possibility of external financing of such a leasing transaction with the involvement of investors and the issue of bonds on the open securities market. Leasing will allow not only to update the fixed assets of a number of leading industries, but also to solve the problem of financing this process at the same time. International experience of leasing application plays an important role in this. Without requiring large one-time expenses of their own funds from enterprises, leasing at the same time guarantees the purposeful development of financial resources, which ultimately will allow attracting into the industry the opportunities of the Russian capital market that have not been fully utilized so far, as well as funds from foreign investors.
Bakulich Olena, Holodenko Viktoriia, Zaiats Olga
International Journal of Innovative Technologies in Economy; doi:10.31435/rsglobal_ijite/30032021/7471

The article proposes an ecologically oriented model of integrated management of Ukrainian enterprises based on coimplex integration of environmental aspects into their management system at all stages of the life cycle, which will increase the competitiveness of enterprises and become the basis for their successful transition to sustainable development in the medium term. To restore and increase the life-sustaining conditions of nature on the basis of adequate compensation for damage to ecosystems, the main provisions of the concept of balanced interaction of companies with the environment have been developed. The concept implies adequate compensation for damage to nature by determining the rational relationship between levels of production and resources consumed. Based on the concept, an ecologically oriented model of integrated corporate governance has been created, the main difference from the existing international ISO standards and their analogues is the integration of environmental aspects into the organization's management system, which allows to take into account the environmental component at all stages of the life cycle. The introduction of an environmentally oriented model of integrated management in the company will ensure effective environmental transformation of the management system, which will serve as a basis for improving the environmental acceptability of their activities.
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