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Alok Barddhan, Sansar Singh Chauhan, Anurag Gupta
Social isolation has been found to be a successful strategy for preventing the coronavirus from spreading around the world. In order to stop the virus from spreading as possible, the system is designed to analyses social distance by measuring the space between individuals. To lessen the impact of the epidemic, this technology uses input from camera frames to calculate the distance between people. By analyzing a video stream collected from a security camera, this is accomplished. The video is adjusted for a higher perspective and sent in to the prepared item discovery model YOLOv3 as input. The Common Object in Context is used to train the YOLOv3 model (COCO). A previously shot video supported the suggested system. The system's results and consequences demonstrate how to assess the space between different people and decide whether rules are being broken. People are addressed by a red jumping box if the distance is below the minimal threshold value and a green jumping box otherwise. This technique can be improved to recognize social exclusion in a real time setting.
Anju Gera, Jitendra Singh
Modern devices like smart phones and tablets have become increasingly powerful in recent years. This generation of mobile technology is opening the gates to the android apps; the websites are being phased out and the mobile phones and apps are appearing very fast. As mobile devices are becoming more like PCs, they came to replace objects we tend to carry around, such as checkbooks, credit cards, planners, mp3-mp4 players, etc.; in short, we are all using them to accomplish our daily tasks and for learning. Our application that falls into this category is the ‘News App’. The OS (operating system) of this app is ‘Android’, which is most dominating operating system in modern day smart phones and tablets. The main motive of this work is to provide people a handy and simple android application through which they can access all type of news and information. This project (apk file) is developed by using the Java programming language and mark-up language XML (Extensible Markup Language) by using Android Studio, which contains a number of tools that help to develop mobile applications for the Android Platform.
Saksham Gupta, Sanchit Tomar, Rituraj Bansal, Sameer Choudhary, Pardeep Kaur
The use of online payment is increasing dramatically in today's environment. As a result, this initiative was created to protect payments against internet scams. The project's main goal is to create a secure payment system that uses face recognition and Open CV in Python. It makes use of the confidence level, which is defined as the value generated by the system and used to determine the forecast's accuracy. Several graphic modules were combined with a pattern mirror to create this piece. Before entering a PIN, the system in this project uses face detection and a proxy. Because it embeds elements of the users' faces to increase system accuracy, the algorithm employed in this research will improve the security and efficiency of face recognition. To strengthen security, we have introduced three-fold encryption while the data is being transmitted for authentication. The user's bank balance is confirmed and the work is completed after the system has completed its verification. The suggested system outperforms existing functions, and its user-friendly interface makes it simple to use.
Shivam Jaiswal, Harshali Patil
Our lives have become increasingly dependent on computers. We do things differently because of them. Cybercrime is steadily rising as a result. Criminal activity has become a global phenomenon, and criminals have realized that, to continue their criminal activity, they must keep up with the times. The need to determine precisely what happened is therefore critical. A technique known as "cyber forensics" can aid this process. The global phenomenon has been impacted by Cybercriminals that have adapted more advanced tools and tactics. Anti-forensic techniques are also being used by these attackers to disguise evidence of cybercrime. . Cybercrime refers to the crimes/offenses committed online. Cyber law was introduced to stop or punish cyber criminals. As a branch of law, cyber-law focuses on cyberspace, the Internet, and legal issues.
Ryan Nambiar, Flavia Gonsalves
This paper identifies the understanding of Cybersecurity. This paper analyses the awareness, presence and challenges of Cybersecurity and Data protection. This paper also identifies what people think about Cybersecurity as well as measures we can use to strengthen Cybersecurity. 
Sujeet Devadatta Gawade, Harshali Patil
Software reuse is the process of reusing software resources. In a new application, all stages of the software development process. Given the high cost and difficulty of building high-quality software, the idea of leveraging earlier software investments is intriguing; yet, software reuse has not shown to be as effective as anticipated and  is not widely or systematically adopted in business.
Sakshi Patel, Sapna Bhawsar, Mamta Bhawsar, Pragati Lokhande
People who work with computers will profit greatly from having rapid typing skills. With the capacity to type quickly, one may concentrate on the content at hand and less on the keyboard, reducing the amount of time it takes to complete the document. This capacity concentrated not only on speed without seeing results, but also on the precision and neatness of the typing output. As a result of this background, the vocational curriculum places a strong emphasis on typing lessons.
Khyati Singh, Ashish Tomar, Archana Singh, Vinay Singh
Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) are a type of network that consists of thousands or even millions of sensor nodes dispersed around the region to be monitored, depending on the application. Since the network of nodes comprises of minimal cost nodes with restricted battery power, power of the nodes should be carried out for information assembling and handling to accomplish long network lifetimes. Analysts are putting forth their attempt in growing new conventions for information transmission by the detecting gadgets in the network by remembering the power effectiveness and its administration.
Gunjan Karade, Jaya Sonwane, Mansee Jamunakr, Prabodhini Padme
In this world ,the people interest in games is increasing day by day .After playing game we fresh over mind .The project is the admin side project they make people get interested in the gameThis project will allow the admin to add user and maintain all there details regarding there game the admin can first login with their email and password .After this admin is allow to add user and get all there details and organized the game in this the player play match which is organized by admin. Admin also give points to the player as there performance. People that do sport on a regular basis are burning more calories than those that do not, and they have fit and healthy body   Tournament manager system is a not a common system for the organizer  It also manages the selection activity of people and to state level.
Chinmay Kasar, Mohammed Nauman, Rudresh Kasar, Jinal Patel
As we all knows in today's time traveling is one of the important and most essential things for the livelihood. Air transportation is one of the mode of transport which is not common as the other modes of transport because of more expensive and not available everywhere. But what we believe is air transportation will play a major role in development economically as well as in the way infrastructure and modernization.This website is generally design to share the current/live information of airplanes. In this project we allow user to search flights between their preferred source and destinations and will receive the payment method. This website is design to allow user friendly access to flight booking. This website can be used anywhere at any time. A user can book a flight easily anywhere and anytime. When the user goes to the web site the user will be asked to login first if the user is not registered with our web site then the user has to register him first with his email address. After logging in the user have to select the source and destination from where users wish to travel and to which place. If a flight is not available according to entered source to destination our web application is developed in such a way that the user will be shown with the list of connecting flight from different sources to the user's destination. After selecting the flight user has to enter the personal details of the passenger who is going to travel. And at last the user will be redirected to the payment gateway page where the users have to make the payment for successfully booking of tickets.
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