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Bagus Supranda, S Solikhun, Zulia Almaida Siregar
Resolusi : Rekayasa Teknik Informatika dan Informasi, Volume 2, pp 152-160;

Motorized vehicles are part of the need for transportation of vehicles that are derivatives due to economic, social, and other activities. The growth of vehicles is not proportional to the population in the province of North Sumatra. This causes various negative impacts, one of which is an increase in traffic congestion, air pollution from motorized vehicles which causes an increase in greenhouse gas emissions. Based on this problem, it is necessary to predict the number of vehicles in North Sumatra Province using the backpropagation algorithm artificial neural network. The results of trials carried out with MATLAB R2011b software, the best architectural model is the 2-2-1 model with an accuracy rate of 94% with MSE number 0.000208514, epoch value 789. It can be concluded that the Backpropagation method can be used as one of the predictive methods that make it easier to find predictions. Whatever.
Rahma Putri Rizqika, Eva Zuraidah
Resolusi : Rekayasa Teknik Informatika dan Informasi, Volume 2, pp 161-171;

Decision making is basically a form of choosing from a variety of alternatives that may be chosen. Before choosing these alternatives, accurate data is needed for making a decision. If the data entered is inaccurate, the calculation process can result in inappropriate results so that the resulting alternative decision is inaccurate and precise. For a good supplier selection process, a system is needed, so that the selected results are more accurate and precise. The system used is the analytical hierarchy process (AHP) method. Data was collected by means of interviews, observations and literature studies. From these results, the ranking values ??for suppliers are obtained, including: Doungguan Ageless Health Industrial Co.,Ltd ranks 1st with a value of (20.9%), ranks 2nd with a value of (17.3%) , Huizhou Xiao'ou Technologhy Co., Ltd is in 3rd place with a score of (14%), Purelizer Official Shop is in 4th place with a score of 10.3%, Healicom Medical Equipment Co.,Ltd is in 5th place with a score of (8.60%), Beiqi Industry Development Co.,Ltd ranks 6th with a value of 7.8%, OULI Group (HK) LIMITIED ranks 7th with a value of (6.1%), Medsinglong Global Group Co.,Ltd ranks 8th with a score of (5.8%), P Hangzhou Clongene Biotech Co.,Ltd Hangzhou Clongene Biotech Co.,Ltd ranks 9th with a value of 5.10% and the last Shenzhen UV Green Technology Co., Ltd ranked 10th with a value ( 4.1%). Data processing is carried out using one of the MCDM (Multi Criteria Decision Making) methods, namely the Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) method, with the result that the supplier Doungguan Ageless Health Industrial Co., Ltd. was determined as the best supplier.
Agus Darmawan, Dwi Tjahjo Seabtian
Resolusi : Rekayasa Teknik Informatika dan Informasi, Volume 2, pp 182-186;

Development of the application of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) as one of the supports for the operation of a business field that is integrated with business and has better data accuracy. An ERP system consists of various modules and sub-modules that can represent specific business components. If data is entered in a module (eg data on rice uduk sales) then other modules such as payment and inventory will be automatically updated as well. These updates occur in real time or right at the time of the sale. Implementation of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or customer relationship management which is indirectly said to be computerized customer data. This is so that the company knows what the needs and desires of customers are so that good relationships can be established with customers. Many companies focus on high satisfaction because many dissatisfied customers are easy to think about getting a better offer. Those who are very satisfied have a harder time changing their minds. High satisfaction or pleasure creates emotional attachment to the company
Putra Pratama Siregar, S Solikhun, Zulia Almaida Siregar
Resolusi : Rekayasa Teknik Informatika dan Informasi, Volume 2, pp 145-151;

The study aims to group the distribution of critical land in Indonesia by province. To solve this problem, researchers applied the K-Means Algorithm method. Where the source of research data is collected based on documents - documents of Information on The Extent and Dissemination of Critical Land By Province produced by the Central Statistics Agency (BPS). The data used in the study was data from 2011, 2013 and 2018 consisting of 34 provinces. Data will be processed by clustering in 2 clusters, namely clusters of high critical land distribution rates and clusters of low critical land distribution rates. The high cluster amounted to 4 data, namely the provinces of North Sumatra, Jambi, East Java, and Central Kalimantan. With the conduct of research can contribute in improving the performance of Balai Pengelolaan Daerah Aliran Sungai dan Hutan Lindung (BPDASHL) on the process of fixing and tackling critical land in the provinces in Indonesia.
Guntur Hertanto, Eva Zuraidah
Resolusi : Rekayasa Teknik Informatika dan Informasi, Volume 2, pp 172-181;

The Covid-19 outbreak in our country has forced the acceleration of the digitalization era to avoid crowd in many ways, including the recruitment of new employee in targeted countrys. Besides that, Business expansion must continue, therefore looking for potential employees according to the company's competence is very necessary. The previous recruitment system by sending application files directly or by an e-mail followed with face-to-face interview was very difficult due to limited mobility during this pandemic. An e-recruitment system that can be accessed via the internet is expected to be a solution because applicants only need to send via website anywhere anytime and for companies they can do the screening from anywhere. The author starts with the assessment phase of previous research and then makes several UML such as use case diagrams, activity diagrams, deployment diagrams, component diagrams, class diagrams, and sequence diagrams. The author use the RAD method which emphasizes saving time on processing so that it can be immediately implemented using the PHP programming language assisted with framework Laravel and MySQL for the database. After that, do testing with Black Box Testing and prove that the e-recruitment system is able to run well as a company tool in getting employees by minimizing time and cost and being a place for storing applicant files efficiently as expected.
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