Advancement of IoT in Blockchain Technology and its Applications

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Khadeeja Farhath, Adhila Muhammed, Sandra Sasikumar, Shahanas S, Shibitha Kp
This paper discusses about IOT-based medical assistant robot for patient monitoring. Which help to create a virtual doctor robot that enables a physician to roam about a faraway place at will virtually and even communicate with individuals there as desired. In addition to exploring some earlier similar research that aided in the development of pertinent systems, the paper will describe the study's historical context. The technology uses an IOT-based physiological parameter monitoring system and a robotic vehicle with four-wheel drive for convenient navigation. Additionally, the robot has a controller box for circuits and a mounting for a camera screen.
Akshay Rajput, Sarala Mary
Smart Farming IOT Agriculture-related items are made to assist in crop field monitoring using sensors and irrigation systems. Farmers and affiliated brands can conveniently and hassle-free check agricultural conditions from anywhere. This paper's feature includes the creation of a system that uses sensors and an Arduino UNO board to keep an eye on things like temperature, moisture levels, and even movement in the field, which could harm crops. IOT sensors can offer information about agricultural areas and then take action based on user input, which is an emerging concept known as "smart farming. “The smart farming are completely operated by automated tools and sensors in such a manner that the farmer do not even have to step on the field. The cost of manual labor is reduces due to smart agriculture. IoT irrigation and connects the entire from to improve quality and quantity of products and other produce. This is necessary because update in one part of the hardware may be some undesirable effects in other part of the hardware.
Asha Rani Mishra, Harshit Tiwari, Yashica Sharma, Shivangi Gupta, Shiven Pandey
Without energy conservation, the world will deplete its common assets. The increase in usage of smart technology has helped to contribute to energy conservation and sustainable development. The model works to cure the limited ability of humans to respond to any situation effectively. A 24*7 smart monitoring system that reacts whenever it encounters irregularities is a way to curb intermediate electricity wastage, increased emission levels and changes in weather patterns. The proposed framework is a measured framework having the parts: Raspberry Pi, PIR sensor, Camera module, Relay driver. The prototype uses a machine learning model aided by sensors that processes real time information in accordance with a data-set which improves decision making. The prototype is a centralized device which works with existing infrastructure as well as smart buildings where it accesses inputs from the surrounding environment and prevents wastage of resources
Shraddha Omprakash Vaishya
Despite the fact that living expenses are still rising, employing technology to cut expenses is becoming more and moreimportant. In this users need to design and manage a home while allowing for more applications. Whether the user is there or not, a smart home will take advantage of its surroundings and controls.
Kumar Vijay Mhaske, Flavia Gonsalves
In the current period, each and every process in different sections of diligence similar as manufacturing, processing, packaging sections, etc. are being revolutionized with automated systems, due to certain downsides in the homemade system. The end of the system is to reduce the downsides of the homemade system similar as low delicacy, low thickness, high charges, etc. The proposed system feathers and counts objects grounded on their colors and the collected data is transferred to the pall. In this system Node MCU is being used as control unit and transmits the entire process.TCS3200 color detector is used to sort out the objects and are being directed with the help of servo motor.
Krupesh Keluskar, OmPrakash Mandge
Digital Development in India is growing rapidly but only within the urban areas and not in rural areas, not much people are aware of metaverse. There should be awareness and plans regarding the govt initiative to develop smart villages in rural areas thanks to all the shortage of basic resources in rural areas people cannot connect with others via a telephone where the services like WIFI-calling and video calling comprise a luxury category. People in rural areas have the habit of being old style where they like meeting nose to nose rather than a video call or telephone. To inculcate in them the habit of using a digital medium of communication initially basic facility is required. When all the essential services like electricity and internet connection are going to be provided in every corner of the country all the people may be able to use this virtual medium of communication called metaverse. While the urban areas are digitally more developed only few people have used or would really like to use metaverse this might flow from to the shortage of information or fear of privacy issues. 
Shubham Vijaykumar Chandore, Abhijit Banubakode
Forging of documents from the original copies have become popular these days. And, if we want to view or verify a document, we have to be physically present at the office of the issuing authority as the documents are stored in their respective database. All these processes are not feasible, and if performed is time consuming and very inefficient in economic perspective. The documents are stored in the issuing authorities Database, it can be affected by any natural or manmade disasters, in such cases all the data will be lost. The storage of documents in a block chain makes it much cost and time effective and the verification of these documents becomes easier in terms of time.The block chain is a network of connected computers on which the ledger of the documents is maintained, so it becomes hard for any person or entity to forge the documents. The whole system cannot collapse at once so it becomes a type of immutable system for storing documents and the block chain property of distributed ledger system will help to keep the documents unmodified and unaffected forever.Blockchain may be a localized, digital ledger system that is the inspiration upon that Bitcoin and alternative cryptocurrencies operate. Blockchain uses a good network to stay track of digital transactions, like cryptocurrency, it’s brought up as a sequence as a result of additions or changes are superimposed linearly and connected along.
Neha Vaghde, Anjali Soni, Nandani Mahajan, Swapnil Gupta
Our project E-pharmacy operates over the internet by selling prescribed drugs or medications online and sends orders to customers via the mail or other means. One of the technological advances that are set to create a significant demand in the next days is online pharmacy. When customers have a favorable opinion regarding online purchasing, it does not always transfer into regular purchase activity. The goal of this study is to look into the relationship between customer perceptions of values and dangers, as well as online buying attitudes and behavior, in the context of online pharmacy shopping. The convenience of purchasing medicines online has made it quite popular all over the world. Companies sell everything from prescriptions to other healthcare supplies on their websites. The Indian healthcare market is expanding rapidly, and both online and offline pharmacies are now operating equally.
Laxmi Dubey, Ayushi Malviya
The online exam system is a software solution, any industry or institution can plan, conduct and manage tests using the online environment. It can be done via the Internet / intranet and / or local network conditions. Some of the problems you face during the screening programs are the delays that occur in the processing of results, file uploads because problems, record processing is difficult. Chances of losing high records and searching for records are difficult. Caring for The process is also very complex and requires a lot of time and effort. Online testing is one of the most important parts of the offline education system. It works well, it is fast enough and it slows down a large amount of material resources. The testing program web-based. This paper describes program system, introduces It analyzes the main functions of the program, the basic test algorithms, and explains system security.
Tarun N, Sivanahul R, Pushpavali M
During the lockdown period, many people faced financial problems because of the jobless situation. Many of the people lost their jobs and starved for money and some more worked at their home and gained money by staying at home. There are also some people who earn online by using some gaming applications, apps and many more useful platforms to earn money. Some of the people don’t go to the side of online income because of the doubt of insecurity. But there are some really good websites which afford money when we play games or when we do online trading. This idea is for the people to identify the true earning website. In this model, the true one is identified using a fake link identifier (cloud security) and is entered through the smart contracts and distributed all over. We used the Design science analysis methodology (DSRM) method model, and developed a blockchain linked website so that the people can identify the true link and get benefit through it. 
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