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Bees: Bulletin of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Volume 2, pp 106-111;

Inventory Goods are items that are owned by a company that are recorded in the inventory book / assets of a company which have a period of use and must be replaced after passing the time specified by a company that is charged in the company's budget, while the auction is a process of buying and selling goods / services by offering to bidders, the auction participants who will give the highest price will win or get the items to be auctioned, data mining is closely related to data, information and knowledge. The data mining process begins by extracting data which then produces information, the K-Medoids Algorithm is a clustering method that functions to break down the dataset into groups, which will become 2 clustering, namely the items to be auctioned (C1) and the items to be discarded or discarded. destroyed because it is not suitable for auction, namely (C2). It is hoped that the system to be built is in accordance with the expectations of researchers, so that it can help make it easier for the auction committee to classify the items to be auctioned.
, Irfan Sudahri Damanik, Widodo Saputra
Bees: Bulletin of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Volume 2, pp 98-105;

With the development of the times, online shopping applications have begun to emerge that make it easier for buyers and sellers to sell and buy goods without the hassle of running. But with so many applications that make people confused about which application is best used. Therefore the author wants to help the community in determining the best application by using a decision support system using the Electre II method, it is hoped that this research can help recommend the best online applications for the community.
Iwan Fitrianto Rahmad, Adil Setiawan, Robby Ardyanto Marsudi
Bees: Bulletin of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Volume 2, pp 92-97;

The development of technology that can be utilized from an internet connection is often also called IoT. IoT is a concept where there is interaction between humans and devices with the internet as a connecting medium, which can simplify human life. An example is being able to access electronic equipment such as an aquarium application to regulate the temperature online via Android. This can make it easier for ornamental fish keepers to no longer feel anxious about their pet fish. This system has the ability to control the temperature of the water in the aquarium to keep it normal. The results of the sensor data acquisition process will then be processed with fuzzy artificial intelligence embedded in a microcontroller chip. In this system, the coolant will turn on automatically when it reaches a certain temperature. And when the temperature reaches the normal category, the cooler will turn off
Ega Widya Sari, Agus Perdana Windarto, Rizki Alfadillah Nasution
Bees: Bulletin of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Volume 2, pp 74-83;

Sales is an effort or concrete steps taken to move a product, whether in the form of goods or services, from producers to consumers as the target. The main purpose of sales is to bring in profits or profits from products or goods produced by producers with good management. Prediction of sales of goods is one way to maintain the stability of sales of goods, the prediction results obtained can be taken into consideration for making decisions in business management planning. Prediction is done to find out the forecast of future sales, to meet consumer needs. One of the problem solving methods used in this research is the Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS). ANFIS is a method that uses a Neural Network to implement a Fuzzy Inference System. By using the ANFIS method as a solution for solving the case of prediction of peanut bread sales in the future so that the prediction results can be input to UD. Family in order to provide production stock in accordance with the predictions made and can increase sales of peanut bread at UD.Family optimally
Bees: Bulletin of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Volume 2, pp 84-91;

The purpose of this study is to analyze the data mining of expired fertilizer returns from CV.YOLAND to the parent distributor using a dynamicsome algorithm which is expected to produce a more accurate output so that it will speed up the calculation process. The implementation of the dynamicsome algorithm uses methods from data mining which refer to Classification, Clustering, Association, Sequencing, Regression, Forecasting, Other Techniques and testing using the Tanagra software method. The analysis was carried out on an ongoing business process, then the results of the analysis were outlined in the Tanagra software which showed that it could accelerate the process of forming the trend of itemset combination patterns resulting from CV company data. Yoland, with the highest support and confidence is 0.25%. The application of the Dynamicsome Algorithm in data mining techniques is very efficient and can accelerate the process of forming the trend of itemset combination patterns.
Bees: Bulletin of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Volume 2, pp 53-62;

The number of sufferers of respiratory disorders, both young and adult caused by cigarette smoke, has increased every year, from 192 countries it is stated that around 40% of children in the world are exposed to cigarette smoke and more than 30% of adults become passive smokers. Cigarette smoke using an Arduino equipped with a gas sensor makes it easy for early detection when someone wants to smoke in the room, the room should be clean of cigarette smoke and equipped with a temperature sensor if too much smoke can make the temperature in the room it changes. The design of the smoke level detector in cigarettes with smoke sensors and temperature sensors uses the mandani fuzzy logic algorithm, equipped with red and white led indicators, a buzzer to provide information in the form of sound, an LCD display that functions to display smoke and temperature information that can be obtained in the room. , as well as a fan as an output to remove cigarette smoke and cool the room temperature
Bees: Bulletin of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Volume 2, pp 40-46;

The problems faced at PT. PP. London Sumatra Indonesia Tbk, Bagerpang Palm Oil Mill, is that there are still errors in the grouping of the liquid waste which have a bad impact and cause environmental damage and disrupt activities around the company. One way to process the data is to apply or use data mining techniques. Where data mining is the process of analyzing large data into information to determine the pattern of the conclusions of the data being analyzed. The application of the C.45 algorithm which later will explore existing data and will form a decision tree, where this decision tree will later help the company to know the grouping and processing of the liquid waste so as not to have a bad impact on the surrounding company
, Eka Irawan, Ilham Syahputra Saragih
Bees: Bulletin of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Volume 2, pp 47-52;

STIKOM Tunas Bangsa is one of the computer science colleges located in Pematangsiantar City. Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic Period, the teaching and learning process is carried out online at their respective homes by students and lecturers. Sources of data obtained by interview and direct observation to students. The author's goal in this study is to determine the best learning media in the Information Systems Study Program at STIKOM Tunas Bangsa by using a combination of TOPSIS and AHP methods. With the given material variables, What'sApp variables, Classroom variables, and E-Learning variables, Google Meet variables and Zoom variables. The result of this study is the increase in the learning process and understanding of students during the Covid 19 Pandemic
Elya Wita
Bees: Bulletin of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Volume 2, pp 63-66;

Natural Language Processing focuses on the interaction between computers and the natural language used by humans. In other words, the computer process extracts information from input in the form of natural language and / or produces output which is also in the form of natural language.Newspapers are printed sheets containing reports that occur in the community. However, the titles of newspapers often have an ambiguous meaning. When a written or spoken word, phrase, sentence, or even paragraph contains ambiguity, it is automatically ineffective and communicative for the reader or listener. For this reason, it is necessary to identify sentences to make it easier for readers to understand the meaning of an ambiguous title.To make it easier to identify ambiguous sentences in newspapers requires a shift Reduce parsing algorithm, using the Shift Reduce parsing algorithm can be useful to find out what the news writer wants to convey.
Bees: Bulletin of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Volume 2, pp 67-73;

Village development is part of the government's program for village empowerment efforts. Determination of priorities for village infrastructure development has certain criteria in accordance with the policies of the local village apparatus. This is done with the hope that village infrastructure development can be more targeted and equitable. a decision is needed to determine priorities for village infrastructure development, in determining village infrastructure development decisions, it is still carried out by voting often, more important developments must be delayed because they lost votes. Therefore, the decision support system (Decision Support System) can assist the village government in determining the priority of drsa infrastructure development. The methods used to determine the priority of village infrastructure development are Rank Order Centroid (ROC) and CPI. Where each alternative will be ranked to get development priorities in accordance with the criteria determined by the village. With the construction of a decision support system for determining village infrastructure development priorities using the ROC and CPI methods, it is expected to provide convenience, accuracy and speed for determining development priorities in Wonosari village.
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